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Analysis on the design link of the control device of the carbon steel roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-24
If the carbon steel roller conveyor mainly relies on its control device to transport materials when conveying materials, the control device system of the carbon steel roller conveyor is composed of multiple parts, and each device carries forward the previous device. The design is also based on the difference of conveying materials to change the configuration. The bottom manufacturer led everyone into the design of the carbon steel roller conveyor control device.   The control part of the carbon steel roller conveyor is the display module first, because the control part of these modules focuses on the keyboard processing subroutine, the display subroutine, the equipment control subroutine, the obstacle handling subroutine, and the MODBUS communication program. The keyboard processing subroutine completes the parameter configuration, such as the set speed value of the inverter, the motor alarm temperature value, and the motor obstacle temperature value. The display subroutine is completed to display various parameters, such as the current of each inverter, various obstacle information, etc. The equipment control subroutine focuses on the collection of input information, and after processing, the control delivery is completed. First, the display module self-checks, without any obstacles, sends out the information in place, and then infers whether there is start information, if there is, control the delivery warning, and then start the tensioning device. Infer whether there is tension return information, if there is, start the brake motor, and then infer whether there is brake return information, and if there is a promise to start the subsequent equipment information. If the main obstacle processing subroutine is to deal with the self-check obstacle of the display module, the obstacle of the tensioning device, the obstacle of releasing the brake, etc.  Carbon steel roller conveyor is specialized in modern food industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry. It can be used for horizontal transportation of materials or skewed transportation. It is quite simple to use and can be used in various modern industrial enterprises. Carbon steel roller conveyors may carry out a single conveyance according to the different conveying process requirements, or may adopt multiple structures or a related composition level or a skewed conveying system to carry out the homework line that meets the different deployment modes. demand.   The processor module controls part of the program, the key equipment control subroutine and the obstacle handling subroutine. The equipment control subroutine completes the start and stop control of the equipment of each drive unit, and the processor takes over the information of the subsequent equipment that is promised to start, starts the main motor fan, the slower oil pump and the electric fan, and then delays the start of the frequency converter. The obstacle handling subroutine focuses on processing the main motor electric fan, slower oil pump and electric fan operation return obstacles, inverter obstacles, motor temperature over-temperature, slower temperature over-temperature, etc., and convey control behavior. The protector module control part of the program focuses on completing the protection along the belt conveyor, collecting the information of the pulling device, the deviation sensor, the coal sensor, the longitudinal tear sensor, the slip sensor, the temperature sensor, and the speed sensor. When there is obstacle information, If there is a cable pull message, the protection behavior will be sent and sent to the display. The display module, each processor module, and the protector module select CAN bus communication to complete data exchange. The connection diagram is shown in Figure 6. The data communicated between the display and each processor includes the promised subsequent start information, the stop and emergency stop information of the subsequent equipment, the operation and obstacle information of each drive unit, the current and the set speed of the inverter. The data communicated between the monitor and the protector includes various protection information along the line, and belt loading conveyor speed information.   Due to the low protection, simple control and sensitive speed adjustment of the frequency converter, the frequency converter is used more and more on the belt conveyor. This article designs a microcomputer control device for the belt conveyor using the frequency converter. The microcomputer control device adopts a modular structure, each module can complete information collection, processing and control, and CAN bus communication is used between each module to complete the distributed collective control.
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