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Analysis of the docking process of the mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-21
The mesh belt conveyor mainly uses the mesh belt as the main body to carry the materials to transport various materials. The structural form of the mesh belt loading conveyor can be used for horizontal straight conveying, lifting and climbing conveying, etc., and the mesh belt can also be added with lifting baffles and side baffles. The structure of the mesh belt conveyor is to use a modular mesh belt, which extends the plastic hinge pins over the entire width of the conveyor belt, and assembles the injection-molded mesh belt into an interlocking unit; The strength and availability of the loading conveyor belt must be unconditionally assembled in both width and length. In addition, the baffle plate and the side plate of the mesh belt conveyor can also be interlocked with hinge pins and become one of the integral parts of the conveyor belt. The main components of the mesh belt loading conveyor are composed of mesh belts and chains. The annular butt of the mesh belt chain is a crucial step in the initial installation of the mesh belt chain. Whether the connection is correct or not will have a great impact on the future use of the mesh belt conveyor. There are three points in the correct way of docking the mesh belt chain: the mesh belt is on the opposite side, and the front side should be facing up; the butt threading is 100mm larger than the width of the mesh belt. ; The chain should be connected by a live joint, and the live joint must be facing the outside. This is the correct docking method for the mesh belt chain of the mesh belt conveyor. The specific methods are as follows: When docking the mesh belt conveyor, it is necessary to ensure that the mesh wire is buckled one by one, and it must not deviate, otherwise it will cause uneven stress on the mesh belt; chain docking: The chain docking should ensure that the mesh belt is tensioned synchronously; The fuselage docking; docking the fuselage is a critical step, and it is necessary to ensure that the track is seamlessly and smoothly docked, and there must be no deviation from up, down, left and right. These three kinds of docking are crucial and decisive factors for the quality of the mesh belt conveyor. The quality of the mesh belt conveyor is related to the number of problems in the subsequent naming of the conveyor. For the straightening and butt joint of the mesh belt conveyor, after welding or tightening the bolts after determining the level and vertical, the flatness of the connection point of the rail is the key point to determine the levelness and noise of the mesh belt conveyor. Convex points, the leveling of the feet of the whole machine, after the docking of the whole machine is completed, the feet must be adjusted one by one, and the whole machine of the mesh belt conveyor must be parallel and level.
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