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Analysis of the common problems with the blades of screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-20
The screw conveyor realizes the movement and transportation of its materials through the rotation of a spiral blade, so that the force that prevents the company from rotating with the blades of other equipment is the weight of the material technology itself and the friction of the machine language shell on the material. At the same time, the main feature is that the spiral blade is mainly formed by drawing, rolling, forming, casting, and forming. The die is extruded and the cross-sectional shape of the spiral blade is obtained by different forming methods. Let us know more about the excessive operation of the screw blades of the screw loading conveyor, mainly due to the damage of the oil seal of the intermediate bearing or the damage of the intermediate sliding bearing. For the rod because of the lack of central rod support and positioning on the screw in its structure, under the action of the screw angle, once a screw surface of the blade is loaded, the force of the screw angle will be decomposed into two forces in two directions, one along the Axial, the other is perpendicular to the blade radius. Under the action of different forces in these two directions, there will be two results for the axial extension of the helical blade A, the diameter is reduced; the other is compressed by the blade pitch, the larger diameter. After being restrained by the inner wall of the steel cylinder, this psychological elastic deformation will be transmitted section by section along different axial directions until it is transmitted to the front end of the transmission sleeve. If the material conveyed by the device is of uniform quality during operation, it ensures that the force of the entire blade is uniform, thereby ensuring the normal life of the screw. Conversely, if the size of the material conveyed by the equipment is greatly affected, and there may even be large lumps, it will jam out of the screw. In order to eliminate the failure of repeated forward rotation, the reverse rotation will cause the screw blades to repeatedly receive a greater impact force, especially the front screw constrained by the transmission sleeve. The impact force is relatively large. After fatigue, it will start to break at the front end of the rotating sleeve.
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