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Analysis of Oil Leakage Causes of Roller Conveyor and On-site Treatment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-25

Professional production and sales of roller conveyor belt conveyor manufacturers YiFan author will share with you the analysis of the oil leakage of the roller loading conveyor and the on-site treatment. For example, taking the rough rolling reducer as an example, in

During the test run, it was found that oil leakage occurred in the four end covers at the inlet and outlet ends of the high and low speed shafts of the reducer. Due to this type of deceleration

The sealing structure design of the shaft lubrication system of the high and low speed gear reducer of the machine is not exactly the same, but oil leakage occurs at the same time, so the main

The main problem may not be in the seal, but in the oil return link with the same design.

Author's reminder

Because we learned from the processing factory that the oil return hole processing of the reducer does have considerable problems, the actual forming aperture size is only about

It is equivalent to 1/2 of the design size marked in the blueprint, and the hole wall is not smooth enough, there are a lot of burrs, and the roughness does not meet the requirements of the drawing

degrees. As a result, the sliding bearings on the high and low speed shafts, the circulating lubricating oil return oil is not smooth, which is the main reason for oil leakage.

Therefore, it is obviously impractical to trim the oil return hole on site at this time. most

Simple and fast processing method. It was decided to install oil absorbing felt on the inner side of each transparent cover at the high and low speed shaft ends respectively. And when the high speed

Other problems were discovered after the shaft cover was removed. According to the original design, the sealing ring installed on the high-speed shaft end should use a spring

Tighten it on the shaft, but after observation, it is found that the spring is not fastened during installation, and there is a large gap between the sealing ring and the journal, and there is no

Method to play due sealing role. And the material of the sealing ring is not the 'cloth phenolic laminate' required in the original design.

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