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A deeper understanding of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-27
Belt conveyor simple structure is also one big characteristics, easy to maintenance. The structure of the belt conveyor is really quite simple, and its component of a conveyor belt, roller, driving, braking, loading, unloading, cleaning, etc. , today small make up the main belt you know about the control system of belt conveyor. Hardware of the control system of belt conveyor are generally consists of the sensor, control unit, drive of three parts, the specific look at the below. 1, the sensor part; Manipulator used to collect, such as position, velocity, acceleration sensor internal and external information by robots can be an organic whole, visual and tactile, mechanical shape like manipulator and other sensors can feel work environment external condition. 2, control unit, used for processing all kinds of information, complete the control process, generate the necessary control instruction, including the corresponding interface of computer, etc. 3, driving part; In order to make the manipulator to complete the operation and movement function, manipulator joints can be driven by adopting the method of qigong, hydraulic and electrical. Belt conveyor control system performance requirements for control requirements have the following general belt conveyor control system: 1, the stability, the stability is refers to the system, after a brief disturbance to its movement performance from the deviation of return to the initial equilibrium state. The determination of stability is the basic requirement of general automatic control. Stability study is a basic problem in automatic control system. 2, the performance of the transition process; Described the process of performance can be measured through balance and rapid, which means that the system from the initial state to move to a new equilibrium state with small harmonic and vibration; System from the initial motion to a new equilibrium state through time represents the speed of the system transition process. 3. Steady-state error; Steady-state error is at the end of the transient process of the desired steady-state output and the actual difference of steady-state output. The control system of static error is smaller, the higher the control accuracy. Therefore, the steady-state error is an important index of measuring control system performance. Under the condition of considering other performance indicators, control system design is one of the tasks of the steady-state error as small as possible, or less than the allowed limit. Belt conveyor technology to arrange release.
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