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What type belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-07
Ordinary general fixed belt conveyor belt conveyor is a kind of model, use of coal mine at present most is mainly used for horizontal or Angle less than 18 & deg; The occasion. The characteristics of this kind of conveyor is: frame fixed to the floor or on the basis of multi-purpose in deviated well, underground roadway and coal preparation plant, the main mobile or delays by mistake, not too convenient, tape width is 1600 mm, 1400 mm, 1200 ㎜, 1000 ㎜, 800 ㎜ etc. Various type. Light light fixed fixed belt conveyor belt conveyor conveyor belt is thinner, the load is lighter, the distance is generally not more than 100 m, the motor capacity is less than 22 kw. Belong to the high strength steel wire core belt conveyor belt conveyor, the conveyor belt core of parallel fine steel rope, a transport distance of up to a few kilometers to a few tens of kilometers. High strength, can realize single transport over long distances, simplify the transport system, transport efficiency is high, the equipment cost and transportation cost is much lower than general fabric core adhesive tape conveyer. Steel cable joint tape should be confirmed by sulfide, agglutination, complex operating process. Heavy machinery use tape width is 1200 ㎜ steel cable belt conveyor, put a length of 1980 m. Special structured scalable extensible belt conveyor belt conveyor is mainly used for mining face roadway transportation or tunneling of material, the tail can scale along with the changes in working face, effectively solves the special material under the condition of continuous transmission. In the comprehensive mechanized coal mining face with comprehensive mechanized drivage face, working face advancing speed faster, the length of the roadway and transportation distance is also changed accordingly, which requires the transport equipment flexibility to elongation and shorten quickly, telescopic belt conveyor is designed to adapt to the need to manufacture. This kind of conveyor is actually more than general fixed belt conveyor installed a storage bin and a storage device. The device and temporary storage amount of tape role, when mobile conveyor the tail in scale, belt storage device can be accordingly released or storage with a certain length of tape, tape width 1200 ㎜, 1000 ㎜, 650 ㎜. Big dip Angle belt conveyor and vertical belt conveyor according to the requirements of the scene space condition. Level level curve bend belt conveyor belt conveyor can bypass the buildings or unfavorable terrain, reduce or even no intermediate transfer station, centralized system power supply and control, reduce the risk of material overflow or congestion, reduce dust, noise, and unnecessary energy consumption. Air cushion belt conveyor belt is in the air membrane ( Air cushion) Running on, with the fixed disc groove chamber with porosity and gas chamber instead of running rollers, fewer moving parts, the total equivalent mass reduction, resistance is reduced, increased efficiency, and smooth operation, belt speed can be improved. But usually the ship material block degree is less than 300 mm. Tubular belt conveyor through the guide roller conveyor belt rolled into a round tube, at the same time equipped with a dedicated roller group structure and the fuselage structure, is the tubular belt conveyor. Conveyor belt is wound into a circular tube can realize closed conveying material, reduce the environmental pollution, the powder material and can realize the bending and the transportation of large dip Angle. Reversible belt conveyor belt conveyor can run to, for two or more discharge.
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