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What three problems should be paid attention to when debugging the mesh belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-02-04
The mesh belt is a key part of the mesh belt conveyor. Its material and quality directly agree with the quality and selection of the loading conveyor. The commonly used materials for conveying mesh belts are stainless steel and carbon steel. In addition, there is a low-molecular material, which is also used for specific applications.

Most users have a lot of questions about product selection and selection. Today I will share about how to choose stainless steel mesh belts?

1. For the entire mesh belt, during the selection process, no matter what the surface temperature is, it is necessary to strictly test the running speed, record and control it continuously, because if the surface temperature of the mesh belt is so low, there will be some danger.

2. If the material is transported, the uniformity of the material on the stainless steel mesh belt should be ensured as much as possible, and it should not be dispersed too much, so as to avoid deviation of the mesh belt and damage to the material during the transportation process. It can process materials and tapes by forced cooling, which can ensure the stability of materials and mesh belts.

3. When the mesh belt material stops running, the hot material should be opened for loading and unloading immediately, and the mesh belt should be opened for cleaning and maintenance immediately, and placed in a humid and ventilated place for the next use.

Three requirements for mesh belt conveyor manufacturers to debug:

1. When overhauling, pay attention to whether the chain is fastened, whether it will scrape and pulse, and record it immediately and deal with it after the machine is shut down. Pay attention to whether the motor, reducer and coupling are running smoothly, and the maintenance personnel should be replaced immediately.

2. Drive immediately after receiving the parking signal to prevent the conveyor from running empty for a long time.

3. If the load of the transported goods is too heavy to push the mesh belt, drive immediately to dispose of it. Pay attention to the time interval of opening ≤ 3 times, and the opening time of the number of times ≤ 15 seconds.
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