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What are the tips for choosing a belt conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-01
To choose a belt conveyor, first of all, it is necessary to combine the size of the production scale, the size of the construction site, the situation of the attached equipment, the management function, and the technical performance of the equipment to determine the type of belt conveyor. The most suitable product not only determines the work Quality also affects the investment of the entire project. Secondly, we must understand the reputation of the supplier, but also through various channels to understand the price, quality, service, etc. of similar products, and compare them to select satisfactory products. Related question and answer: Q: What is the reason for the deviation of the conveyor belt? Answer: The reason for the deviation of the loading conveyor is that the belt has lateral force during operation. The reasons for the lateral force are as follows: 1. The conveyor is loaded on one side instead of in the center position; 2. The roller and The installation axis of the roller is not perpendicular to the center of the conveyor belt; 3. The height of the wire rope of the machine body is inconsistent; 4. The connector of the conveyor belt is not correct or straight; the position of the coal unloading roller is not adjusted properly; 4. The tail roller and the guide roller are not adjusted properly. The belt is running off the track. Question: How does the chain skipping of the scraper conveyor happen and how to deal with it? Answer: The chain skipping of the scraper conveyor head is often accompanied by the chain drop of the tail. Therefore, the problem of the chain drop of the tail must be dealt with before it can be used. The conveyor returns to normal. In the specific operation, you can loosen the tail tensioning device and stand on the nose to judge which side of the chain jumped. Generally speaking, face the head of the scraper conveyor and visually observe the upper slide scraper. The side far away from you is the side of the chain jumper, and the side closer to you is the side that needs the other side. When repairing, the power needs to be cut off, and a wooden block should be placed between the side sprocket and the chain to be repaired. Question: How to deal with the oil leakage of the reducer? Answer: Generally, it is caused by the damage of the sealing ring, the uneven joint surface of the reducer case, and the matching bolts are not tight. Check and confirm. The treatment method is to replace the sealing ring, tighten the joint surface of the case and each bearing cover bolt. Question: In a belt conveyor, what determines the size of its conveying volume? Answer: In a belt conveyor, its conveying volume is determined by the specifications of the conveyor. Specifically, it is conveying speed and conveyor belt width are two. Question: What is the maximum degree of inclination of the belt conveyor? Answer: The inclination angle of the belt conveyor is customizable, and it is generally not more than 30 degrees. However, it cannot be generalized and customized processing can be selected depending on the actual situation.
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