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What are the differences between yes\shaftless screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-07
What are the differences between shaftless screw conveyors? Shaftless screw conveyors can transport granular, high-temperature materials and paste-like materials, semi-fluid and viscous materials, which are easy to surround entangled and easy to block materials. Compared with the traditional shaft screw machine, the shaftless screw machine adopts the design of no central shaft, the sharp tool has a certain flexibility, and the integral steel screw pushes the material, so it has the following protruding advantages: strong resistance to entanglement. There is no interference from the central axis, and it has special advantages for conveying belt-like and easily entangled materials. The purpose of the shaftless screw machine: It is used for conveying medium and fine grids in the sewage treatment plant, and the grid spacing of the grid is 50mm. The shafted screw loading conveyor mainly relies on the screw shaft to drive the screw blade to rotate and push the material to move forward, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying. Multiple discharge points can be set for discharging. This type of screw machine is mainly used in chemical, metallurgical and other industries. Spiral tube sealed transportation, good environmental protection function.
How to solve the problem of easy blockage of screw conveyor
Screw conveyor has simple structure, good airtightness, reliable use, low cost, convenient intermediate loading and unloading, and is widely used in various industries. It can also be mixed, heated and cooled in the process of conveying materials, but There is also a disadvantage that it is not suitable for conveying materials that are perishable, viscous, and easy to agglomerate. When conveying materials, they sometimes block up. There are many reasons for the blockage of the loading conveyor. Reduce the horizontal size of the intermediate suspension bearing during use. This can effectively reduce the blockage of materials when passing through the intermediate shaft. Reasonable operation and uniform feeding can greatly reduce the occurrence of blockages. Frequently clean the conveyor, otherwise the material with fiber impurities will cause blockage. Install a silo level sensor and a blockage sensor on the loading conveyor, increase the discharge port to solve the problem of poor discharge, and install a counter-rotating blade on the top of the discharge chute to avoid end blockage.
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