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What are the common faults of belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-07
What are the common faults of belt conveyors? Belt conveyors can be divided into light and mining belt conveyors. The utility model has a wide range of uses. According to the customer's location, you can choose different types of belt conveyors. The machinery factory mainly produces mining belt conveyors, which can be roughly divided into: large inclined belt conveyors, fixed belt conveyors, and mobile belt conveyors. However, whether it is light or mining belt conveyors, slip reducers, open, deviation, abnormal noise belt failures are common problems. 1. Belt conveyor slippage The reason is: a large number of water belt conveyor paths, overload, insufficient belt tension, the belt is fully loaded with the extruded material of the vehicle, and the friction coefficient does not match the design value and the actual value of the belt between the drive rollers. Preventive measures: take watering prevention measures, control the feed amount, prohibit overload operation, adjust the tension roller, and increase the belt tension. When the belt is pressed down, first remove some materials on the belt, and then drive to increase the friction of the active roller coefficient. 2. Belt conveyor a. The material at the transfer point is mainly in the blanking hopper, guide groove, etc., such as the belt conveyor is seriously overloaded, the rubber skirt of the belt conveyor baffle is damaged, the steel plate at the guide groove is designed to be far away from the belt, and the rubber skirt Frequently get the material out of the guide. Slots, etc. This situation can increase the transport capacity to maintain control. b. Materials when the concave belt is suspended. The concave section of the belt section. When the concave section has a smaller radius of curvature, the belt will be suspended. At this time, the belt is grooved and the belt leaves the grooved roller set, so that the angle of the belt groove becomes smaller and some material overflows. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, a larger concave radius of curvature is used in the design and installation of the belt conveyor. c. The deviation of the material. When the belt loading conveyor deflects, the height of the two sides changes with the operation of the conveyor belt. Therefore, when the material changes, the side of the material is higher, the other side is lower, and the material starts from the bottom. Scattered. Treatment method: adjust the deviation of the belt.
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