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Use of vibrating conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-12
2021-02-25 09:14:09 1. Vibration conveyor usage and scope of application The vibration loading conveyor is suitable for conveying grain materials, such as wheat, rice, soybeans, corn and various grain vegetable seeds and other granular grain materials. It is not suitable for non-grain materials such as powdery materials, viscous materials, ores, and corrosive materials. 2. The working principle of the vibrating conveyor. The vibrating conveyor uses the principle of vibration to drive an eccentric shaft by power, and the pull rod by the eccentric shaft. With the elastic force of the spring, the grain particles in the tank produce a certain amplitude and frequency of vibration, so that The grain formation produces the effect of throwing upwards and forwards from the original position, so that the grain particles jump forward continuously, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying. 3. The basic structure and main parameters of the vibrating conveyor (1) The basic structure of the vibrating conveyor is mainly composed of a frame, a bracket, a motor, a large and small pulley, a triangle belt, a shield, a bearing seat, a bearing, an eccentric shaft, a tie rod seat, a tie rod, It is composed of spring, spring seat plate, vibrating plate, vibrating connecting plate, trough, discharge port, cover plate and other parts. (2) Main parameters 1. Tank width 350 mm, height 120 mm 2. Length: 20 meters-2 sets, 16.5 meters-2 sets, 10 meters-1 sets. 3. Total height: 560 mm. 4. Conveying capacity: about 10 tons per hour (related to the height of the material). 5. Motor power: 3 kilowatts. The model description is as follows: Vibrating conveyor is a general-purpose grain and oil machinery (3) Calculation of conveying capacity: The conveying capacity of vibrating conveyor can be calculated as follows: Qu003d3600ψFυγ(T/h) Middle: ψu003dMaterial full factor Fu003dCross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe load-bearing member, namely the trough (m2) υu003dMaterial conveying speed (m/s) γu003dMaterial bulk density (T/m3) 4. Vibrating loading conveyor vulnerable parts 1. Bearing :211 2pcs/set 1208 2pcs/set 2. V-belt: Type A belt, about 1320mm long, 3 pieces/set 5. Vibration conveyor installation and trial operation The vibration conveyor has been fully assembled before our company leaves the factory. And conduct a 5-hour no-load test. The technical department and the quality inspection department are jointly inspected and accepted. After the qualification is confirmed, it will be disassembled and shipped to the user's location. It needs to be re-assembled to the user's location. After the frame or bracket is firmly fixed to the foundation, first move the transmission V-belt or pulley by hand, that is, carry out a manual empty car test, confirm that the operation is flexible and there is no abnormal sound before starting the motor, and carry out no load for 0.5-1 hours Test, then stop, check whether the bolts and nuts and other joints are loose before putting into production operation. 6. Maintenance, maintenance and safe use of vibrating conveyors Frequent maintenance and maintenance of vibrating conveyors can increase the service life and reduce the failure rate. 1. Since the vibrating conveyor is a vibrating conveyor, the coupling may loosen due to vibration. Although an elastic washer is added during installation, the operator should check it frequently to avoid loosening. If it is found to be loose, it should be tightened in time. 2. The running parts, such as the bearing seat and the tie rod bearing seat, are provided with grease nipple outside, and calcium-based or lithium-based grease should be injected into each shift to ensure lubrication and make the running parts work normally. 3. Once the operator finds an abnormality during work, he should stop the machine for inspection and troubleshoot in time. 4. Frequently check whether the bearing is damaged. If damage is found, replace with a new bearing of the same model in time. 5. A safety protective cover is provided at the transmission part of the large and small V belt wheels, and the protective cover should be installed in time after maintenance to prevent danger. 6. At the vibrating structure of the tie rod, due to the reciprocating swing movement during work, the staff should stay away from this place during work, and do not touch with their hands to avoid personal accidents. Related products: DY type movable belt conveyor TD series belt conveyor Large inclination belt conveyor LS/GX type screw conveyor SCG high temperature resistant vibration conveyor LS159 type screw conveyor Other series of products: hoist, feeder, vibrating screening machine
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