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Use and maintenance of high temperature resistant screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-20
2014-12-29 09:42:01 High temperature resistant screw conveyor is a general purpose conveying equipment used to convey powder, granular, and small pieces of materials. Various bearings are working in dust, so under such working conditions The reasonable operation and maintenance of the lower screw conveyor is of greater significance. The main requirements for the operation and maintenance of the high-temperature screw loading conveyor are as follows:   1. Lubricating oil should be added to the moving parts of the screw conveyor frequently.  2. The cover of the screw conveyor should not be removed when the machine is running to avoid accidents.  3. Any abnormality in the operation of the screw conveyor should be checked and eliminated, and no forced operation is allowed.  4. Do not mix hard and bulky materials into the conveyed materials to avoid screw jams and damage to the screw machine.  5. The screw conveyor should be started without load, that is, when there is no material in the casing, the screw conveyor can be fed to the screw after starting.   6. Special attention should be paid to whether the screw between the spiral tube and the connecting shaft is loose. If this phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately and corrected.  7. 30# mechanical lubricating oil for reducer in winter and 45# mechanical lubricating oil in summer; calcium-based grease for suspension bearings and front and rear rolling bearings.   8. In order to ensure that the screw conveyor starts without load, the conveyor should stop feeding before stopping, and stop running after the material in the casing is completely discharged.   9. In use, always check the working status of each part of the screw conveyor, pay attention to whether the fastening parts are loose, if the parts are found to be loose, you should immediately tighten the screws to re-fasten them.  10. During the initial feeding of the screw conveyor, the feeding speed should be gradually increased to reach the rated conveying capacity, and the feeding should be uniform, otherwise it is easy to cause the accumulation of conveyed materials, the overload of the driving device, and the entire machine will be damaged as soon as possible.
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