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Understand the function of the belt conveyor protection devices and shortcomings 'down'

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-26
Belt conveyor is widely used against wandering switch main disadvantages are: (1) the belt conveyor can't show the wandering independent switches and remote working condition, generally do not contact action self-locking function. When a wandering switch action, which is difficult to identify a specific action, only need to look to the scene to determine the conveyor belt running deviation of location. (2) the mechanical structure of roller belt conveyor is difficult to withstand the impact of the conveyor belt for a long time, often need to repair and replacement wandering switch. ( 2) Belt conveyor writers sliding switch belt conveyor writers sliding switch is used to detect the conveyor belt and driving roller sliding between - and report to the police Kind of protection device, can be used in conveyer belt slippage occurs automatically bayu emergency stop. Slippage is - Kind of serious failure phenomenon, the reason may be overloaded, conveyer belt, broken belt, roller card card resistance on abnormal death, driving motor speed, and so on, if you don't stop in time may cause severe damage to equipment, fire and personal injury and other serious accidents. Sliding switch type is more, working principle and testing method is different also. According to the test method of classification, for example, there are direct detection conveyor belt speed and the comparison with the standard set speed wheel skid switch, a detecting driven wheel speed and the comparison with the standard speed sliding switch, drum speed and conveyer belt speed was detected at once and compare contrast type sliding switch: according to the working principle of the internal points, has a magnetic resistance, magnetoelectric type, light type, and so on. Part of the sliding switch device also can provide real-time conveyor belt speed or drum rotational speed signal display and output. Axial-flow compressor. in order 2, belt conveyor is torn torn belt conveyor writers switch detection conveyor belt longitudinal tearing and alarm of a protective device that can be used in conveyer belt, crack occurs automatically send emergency stop. Most tear hopper outlet at the end of the conveyor belt, due to the large piece of hard material card in the hopper outlet and scratch scrape conveyor belt, even some torn occur is often due to causes such as conveyer belt bracket and roller deformation. According to the different testing means and working principle of the division, has installed on the conveyor belt at the bottom of the photoelectric and conductive rubber tearing switch: there are installed on the conveyor belt at the bottom of the guyed switch, has installed on the end of the conveyor belt's hopper outlet baffle type tear switch; In addition, there are vibration torn induction switch, etc. (1) most of the belt conveyor tear switch can only be movement, after the conveyor belt, crack through making split off protective role is very limited. A lot of product reliability and stability are relatively poor, many users install tear off switch, but in all rely on strengthening inspection, reduce material indirect means such as the large pieces of debris to tear occurred. (2) a lot of products under slight disturbance are prone to misoperation, affect the normal operation of conveyor belt. (3) most of the products adopt several sensor probe and a control box of fission type structure, the maintenance is not convenient.
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