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u200bWhat are the types of belt conveyors? how to divide

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-02

Types of belt conveyors, belt conveyors can be divided from different angles.

1. Divided by carrying capacity

Light belt conveyor: specially used for light load.

Universal belt conveyor: This is the most widely used belt conveyor, and other types of belt conveyors are variants of this belt conveyor.

Steel Cord Belt Conveyors: Conveyors for heavy loads. Belt conveyor damage repair method

2. According to whether it can be moved or not

Fixed belt conveyor: the conveyor is installed in a fixed location , without moving.

Mobile belt conveyor: with moving mechanism. Such as wheels and tracks.

Transfer belt conveyor: Change the position of the equipment by moving the equipment.

Retractable belt conveyor: change the length of the conveyor through the belt storage device.

3. According to the structure of the conveyor belt

Ordinary conveyor belt conveyor: the conveyor belt is flat, and the belt core is Canvas or nylon canvas or steel cord core.

Steel rope traction belt conveyor: use steel rope as traction mechanism, and use conveyor belt with ears as bearing mechanism.

Press belt conveyor: two closed-loop belts, one of which is a carrier belt and the other is a pressure belt.

Steel belt conveyor: The conveyor belt is a steel belt.

Mesh belt conveyor: The conveyor belt is a mesh belt.

Tubular belt conveyor: The conveyor belt is wrapped into a tubular shape or the material is conveyed in a closed manner with a special structure conveyor belt.

Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor: There are sidewalls on the side of the conveyor belt to increase the cross-section of the material. When the inclination angle is large, the baffles are generally set horizontally.

Patterned belt conveyor: The patterned belt is used to increase the friction between the material and the conveyor belt and improve the conveying inclination. Design rules and instructions for the transfer chute of the belt loading conveyor

4. Divided by the bearing method

idler belt conveyor: use The idler supports the conveyor belt.

Air Cushion Belt : Supports the conveyor belt with an air film. In addition, there are magnetic conveyor belts and liquid cushion belt conveyors, all of which have a common feature of continuously supporting the conveyor belt.

Deep groove belt conveyor: Due to the increased groove depth, in addition to being supported by idlers, it also plays a role in clamping the material, which can increase the conveying inclination.

5. According to the layout of the conveyor line

Linear belt conveyor: the longitudinal direction of the conveyor is straight, but it can be convex and concave on the vertical plane Curve.

Flat curved belt conveyor: It can realize curved operation on a flat surface.

Space curved belt conveyor: It can realize curved operation in space.

6. Divided by driving mode

Single drum drive belt conveyor.

Multi-roller drive belt conveyor.

Line friction belt conveyor: use one or more conveyor belts as the driving body.

Magnetic belt conveyor: The conveyor belt is driven by the action of a magnetic field.

A belt conveyor is a continuous conveying device that uses a conveyor belt as a traction and bearing member to convey materials through the movement of the conveyor belt that carries the material. Its structure principle is simple. The conveyor belt is wound around the transmission roller and the tail roller to form an endless endless belt. The upper and lower conveyor belts are supported by idlers to limit the deflection and sag of the conveyor belt. The tensioning device provides the required tension for the normal operation of the conveyor belt.

When working, the drive device drives the drive roller, and the conveyor belt is driven by the friction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt, and the material is loaded on the conveyor belt and the belt Exercise together. The belt conveyor is generally unloaded at the end, and can also be unloaded in the middle when a special unloading device is used.

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