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Types of brakes for belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-12
For belt conveyor equipment that transports materials uphill, a brake should be set in order to prevent the phenomenon of reversing or smoothing when parking with load. Fabric core belt conveyors often use roller backstops, belt backstops and block brakes. The following editor will introduce to you: 1. Roller backstop. When the belt conveyor is working normally, the drive roller shaft drives the star wheel of the roller backstop to rotate in a clockwise direction, and the roller is at the widest part of the star wheel cut; this brake works smoothly and reliably, and has been serialized. The reducer is optional, and the maximum braking force is 48,500. Roller backstops are commonly used in upward belt conveyors. 2. Belt backstop. When the inclined conveyor stops, under the load weight, the conveyor belt reverses, bringing the brake diagonal belt between the roller and the conveyor belt, the brake belt is wedged, and the loading conveyor is braked. This kind of backstop is simple in structure and low in cost, and is suitable for ascending conveyors with an inclination angle of not more than 18 degrees. The disadvantage is that it reverses for a period of time when braking, causing the material to block the overflow. 3. Block brake. The commonly used block brakes for belt conveyors include electromagnetic block brakes and hydraulic electromagnetic block brakes. Their working reliability is worse than that of backstops. They are more suitable for occasions where backstops cannot be used, such as downward conveying and horizontal conveying. When the stop time is required. The hydraulic electromagnetic block brake works smoothly and reliably, and is mainly used for upward or horizontal belt conveyors. For safety, two sets of brakes are sometimes used on the downward belt conveyor, one of which is a hydraulic electromagnetic block brake, which serves as a backup.
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