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Types and maintenance methods of industrial belt conveyor idlers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-10
Types of industrial belt conveyor idlers 1. Groove upper idler The standard groove angle of the groove upper idler is 35 degrees, so the 35-degree groove-type idler and 35-degree groove forward inclination are the most used in each conveyor. Roller. 2. Buffer idler The buffer idler has 35 degrees and 45 degrees. When the canvas conveyor belt is selected, the 35-degree trough-type buffer idler can only be used. When using a 45-degree trough-shaped buffer roller, you can use a 45-degree trough-type roller in the section where the guide trough is not impacted by the material. 3. The transition roller has large capacity, long distance, high belt tension and important conveyors. All transition sections should be set. 4. Return rollers The return rollers are also called parallel lower rollers, and they are also the most used type of lower rollers. 5. Self-aligning rollers The self-aligning rollers include ordinary self-aligning rollers, friction self-aligning rollers and tapered self-aligning rollers. The self-aligning roller is used to automatically correct the excessive deviation of the loading conveyor belt during operation to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. Industrial belt conveyor maintenance Because industrial belt loading conveyor rollers account for the largest number of belt conveyor parts, maintenance is particularly important for belt conveyor rollers. The rollers of industrial conveyor belts should be maintained in a dry environment during use, and the rollers should be replaced in time if they are damaged. Clean up the materials attached to the rollers in time. Keep the roller surface clean.
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