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Type classification, use and installation of screw conveyor outlet

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-17
Customers who use screw conveyors know that conveyors can choose different outlet forms according to customer and site requirements. There are three types of screw conveyor inlet and outlet: universal ball, bag and flange unity. The universal ball has good unity and sealing performance, can adjust the installation angle, and the installation is simple and convenient, and the cost is high. The unity and sealing performance of the cloth bag is poor, the installation angle cannot be adjusted, the installation is simple and convenient, and the cost is low. The flange unit has good sealing performance, high requirements for the installation angle, large installation, and low cost. The discharge port generally chooses the form of cloth bag unity. So how to install to make it more convenient to use? First of all, unite the sections of the screw machine (usually dismantle the sections for transportation), and install the tubing oil pump. Then, use a crane to hoist the screw machine, and use a manual hoist to hang the lifting lugs so that the inlet port is aligned with the outlet of the silo, and the outlet port is aligned with the inlet of the mixer. Unite the silo and the feed opening of the screw machine, and hang the firm steel wire ropes (two as usual for each section) on the lifting lugs and straighten them. Make the spiral machine into a non-stop line. The inner and outer balls of the universal ball inlet should be spot welded firmly after placement. Then seal the gap between the inner and outer balls with sealant. What should I do if the screw loading conveyor is stuffy? The common obstacle of the screw machine is the stuffy car, and the stuffy car should be stopped immediately to avoid burning the motor. Then open the motor fan blade cover and screw machine peep hole cover, close the butterfly valve, rotate the motor fan blade, clean the materials in the casing, and clean up the solid foreign objects (such as iron pellets mixed in cement) or the entangled braid. . And the unity and fastening status of the whole machine is checked every month. Foreign matter such as strong bulk materials or woven fibers shall not be mixed into the materials to be transported. If the machine is down for more than 24 hours, the material in the machine should be emptied.
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