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Treatment of deviation of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-21

According to the cause of the deviation of the belt conveyor, corresponding countermeasures can be taken to adjust, and the installation error can be avoided.

The deviation caused by the difference must first eliminate the installation error. If the belt joint should be reconnected, it must be reconnected if the rack is seriously skewed.

New installation; For deviations in operation, the common adjustment methods are:

1. Adjust the support Roller set. belt conveyor belt

When the middle part of the entire belt conveyor deviates, the position of the idler group can be adjusted to adjust the deviation, and the mounting holes on both sides of the idler bracket can be processed

Growing holes is convenient for adjustment. The specific method is which side of the belt is biased, and which side of the idler group is facing the running direction of the belt

Move forward, or move backward on the other side. If the belt deviates in the downward direction, the upper position of the idler group should move to the left.

The lower position moves to the right. This method can eliminate belt misalignment caused by frame skew, uneven distribution of mineral material, vibration, etc.

2. Install the differential self-aligning idler set. The differential self-aligning idler group is generally installed every 6-10 groups, and its working principle is to use

Blocking or the rotation of the idler in the horizontal plane blocks or generates a lateral thrust to make the belt automatically centripetal, so as to adjust the deviation of the belt


3. Use passive hydraulic control linkage belt correction machine to prevent deviation. The belt rectifiers currently on the market are divided into

Mechanical deviation correction and passive hydraulic control deviation are both effective in preventing belt deviation. The structure is introduced into the existing belt conveyor.

Used in the conveyor, it can have a good effect on preventing the belt deviation.

4. Adjust the position of the transmission conveyor and the redirecting loading conveyor.

The adjustment of the transmission conveyor and the reversing conveyor is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment. Because a belt conveyor has at least 2 to

5 conveyors, the installation position of all conveyors must be perpendicular to the center of the length direction of the belt conveyor

Line, if the deflection is too large, deviation will inevitably occur. For the head conveyor, if the belt deviates to the right side of the conveyor, the bearing on the right side

The seat should move forward, and the belt deviates to the left side of the conveyor, then the bearing seat on the left side should move forward, and the corresponding

Move the left bearing housing back or the right bearing housing back. The adjustment method of the tail conveyor is just the opposite of that of the head conveyor.


, the adjustment of tension. The adjustment of the belt tension is a very important part of the deviation adjustment of the belt conveyor. Hammer Zhang

The two redirecting conveyors at the upper part of the tight part should be perpendicular to the vertical line of gravity in addition to being perpendicular to the length of the belt, that is, to ensure that their axis

The center line is horizontal. When using screw tensioning or hydraulic cylinder tensioning, the two bearing housings of the tensioning conveyor should

Ensure that the axis of the conveyor is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. The specific adjustment method of belt deviation is similar to the adjustment at the conveyor.

This method can effectively eliminate belt deviation caused by belt slack and frame skew.

6. Bidirectional running belt conveyor deviates

Adjust. The adjustment of the belt deviation of the two-way belt conveyor is relatively more difficult than the adjustment of the deviation of the one-way belt conveyor.

, in the specific adjustment, you can first adjust one direction, and then adjust the other direction. Watch carefully when making adjustments

Observe the relationship between the belt movement direction and the deviation trend, and make adjustments one by one. Emphasis is placed on the adjustment of transmission conveyors and redirecting conveyors

On the whole, the second is the adjustment of the idler and the adjustment of the blanking point of the material. Both the upper and lower belts are placed with passive hydraulic control linkage correction machine.

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