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Tightening of the wrap angle of the drum of the large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-18
Based on the relevant research on belt conveyors, a proposal for the design of the tension force of the drum wrap angle of the large-incline belt conveyor is proposed. The head part of the large inclination belt loading conveyor is driven by two rollers, so that the rollers will not produce slippage, but can also increase the transmitted power. At the same time, it is effective for reducing the tension of the loading conveyor belt and improving the service life of the whole machine. Due to the large inclination angle, the belt conveyor adopts a 1:1 distribution. According to the relevant tensioning device layout principle, a heavy-duty vehicle-type tensioning device is used for tensioning at the tail of the conveyor belt. Transportation machinery with simple structure has been widely used in various related industries and has become a hot spot in mechanical transportation equipment. It has entered various industries such as electric power, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, mining, and ports. Computer research is also very important. From the overall point of view, the large inclination belt conveyor has three types: head drive, head and tail drive and multi-drive. Because this design is used for underground transportation, the head drive is selected, and because the conveyor is relatively long, the head double drum drive is selected, namely, two motors, hydraulic coupling, reducer, coupling, etc. That is, each of the two rollers uses an electric motor, which is called two rollers to drive separately. The minimum tension distribution means that a certain traction is transmitted, and the tension of the conveyor belt is the smallest. The advantage of distribution according to this principle is that when a certain traction is transmitted, the conveyor belt tension is minimized, which is beneficial to the operation of the conveyor belt, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to select a suitable motor, and the motor power used by the two rollers is different, and the reducer is different. Inconvenient to design and use. The head of the machine, including the motor, fluid coupling, reducer, coupling, transmission drum, etc., in which the fluid coupling is placed between the motor and the reducer, connected with a key, and the coupling is placed between the reducer and the transmission The rollers are connected by keys.
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