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Three major daily maintenance programs for conveyor lines

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-11

In today's booming packaging market, the status of the conveyor line is becoming more and more important. It can complete the

Completed complex and collective flow packaging. The price of the conveyor line is much more expensive than the general packaging equipment.

Regular maintenance and repairs are especially important. However, by virtue of its dedication and professionalism in the industry, Yuyin owns an excellent

Good product quality, perfect after-sales service as the brand concept of the team. We adhere to the core values u200bu200bof excellence, professionalism and service

View, Yuyin conveying accessories from product design, raw material inspection, mold research and development, quantitative production to the hands of customers, we are the most professional

The industry background of the industry, tailor-made accessories combination plan for each customer, and strive to become the first-class conveyor and accessories at home and abroad

Select a supplier. Before paying attention to the maintenance and repair of the conveyor assembly line, let's take a brief look at the level of the conveyor assembly line.

face settings.

The plane layout of the conveyor assembly line in the workshop is generally the vertical layout of the assembly line and the machining line

Pattern. And the layout interval of the equipment should meet the requirements of reasonable, proper density, convenient operation, convenient for logistics, suitable for maintenance, and easy to manage.

Conditions. The arrangement of the assembly line is generally in a ring or inline shape, while the arrangement of the machining line is usually U-shaped, S-shaped or in-line.

In addition, it also needs to be determined according to the specific conditions such as the size, length, output, and factory layout of the loading conveyor line.

1. Leather

Repair and maintenance method of the motor of the head of the loading conveyor assembly line:
The motor must not be flooded with water, nor can it add fuel to the motor

Oil and liquid organic compounds, as this may cause damage to the motor's insulation and failure. The maintenance method of the speed control head is the same as

Motor. For the rest, check the motor maintenance and maintenance in the electrician's manual.

2. Repair and maintenance of the belt loading conveyor assembly line chain

After long-term operation of the chain, the original lubricating oil may heat up and volatilize, which will cause the chain to fail during operation.

Balance, noise increase, creep, etc. At this time, the sealing plate of the tail can be opened, and butter or thicker lubricating oil can be added to the chain.

3. Repair and maintenance method of the head reducer of the belt conveyor assembly line:
The first use is within three months

Drain the oil in the gear box left and right, clean the inside of the gear box with diesel or gasoline, and add new lubricating oil after draining

To the middle of the viewing window immediately. (Every month, pay attention to whether there is too little lubrication). Change the lubricating oil every year

Anyone. Too much lubricating oil may cause the gearbox to heat up, and the motor protection switch will trip due to excessive motor load. Too little lubricating oil

It can cause the reduction box to heat up, increase the noise, and the reduction box will hang and be scrapped.

What else if you read the above

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