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The working principle of electric roller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-06
Cycloidal reducer all transmission device can be divided into three parts: input part, deceleration part and output part. Dislocation on the input shaft is equipped with a 180 ° of the double eccentric sleeve, turn on the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called arm of roller bearing, the formation of H, two cycloid gear center hole is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway, and by a group of cycloid gear and pin gear mesh circular permutation needle, to form tooth difference for the internal meshing gear reducer agencies, ( In order to reduce friction, the ratio of small deceleration machine, the needle with needle teeth on the gear set) 。 When the input shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a week, because of the characteristic of the cycloid gear tooth profile curve and its restricted by needle needle teeth on the gear _, the movement of the cycloid gear as there are both revolution and rotation of the plane movement, turn on the input shaft is week, eccentric sleeve also turn the week, cycloidal wheel turned a gear reduction is obtained in the opposite direction, and then with the help of W output mechanism, the cycloid gear rotates at low speed movement through the pin shaft, passed to the output shaft, low output speed can be achieved. As the industry advanced, electric roller is more and more indispensable. Electric roller is a motor and speed reducer in the new type of the roller body internal drive. It is mainly used in stationary and mobile belt conveyor, replacing the traditional motor, reducer in separate driving gear drive roller. Electric roller's warranty and repair, the replacement of cooling oil, 1 oil change time for 10 days, for the first time for the second time for a month, after the oil change once every three months. For filling the parts of the grease, such as the outer packing roller of motor bearings, cycloid roller output shaft bearing seat, often should pay attention to filling, generally add once a month, complement changes every six months a new oil. 2, dressing roller high-speed shaft with use of non-return device, usually by cooling inside a cylinder lubricating oil through internal channel, flow to the non-return device cooling and lubrication, so as to prevent oil supply is insufficient, at the top of the non-return device equipped with pressure oil cup, when non-return device to heat up quickly, should from the oil cup place to supplement the oil pressure into the right amount in the number of oil should not be too much, it is advisable to three to four times a month, every note book oil more than 150 grams. Non-return device should be able to play a role non-return, otherwise see non-return device damage. 3, electric roller barring special circumstances, generally do not need to repair, but should be normal maintenance. Little maintenance - every six months - Time, don't remove the cleaning barrel body gear, ( Cycloid gear or planetary wheel) And the support, parts and components, operation change of cooling and lubricating oil. In the maintenance once a year, remove the bearing, the end cover, cylinder and transmission, cleaning cylinder body, check the gear, cycloid gear and bearing wear. Check the mechanical parts, keys, key whether deformation, oil seal for wear and tear, etc. Large maintenance once every two years, remove all the spare parts, inspection, repair or replacement. Whatever oil-immersed electric cylinder oil, must be strictly in accordance with the instructions specified in the oil use, the user may not arbitrarily change the oil, to prevent motor burn out. 4, before the start of every time should fasten the bolt on the surrounding environment, and oil leakage, extent of cables in good condition for routine inspection, shall be the normal operation. 5, each time you start should be to point to start, gradually turn into normal, 10 minutes after the vibration, noise, and the operation of the engine check the rise of temperature of the parts. 6, if the electric roller oil leakage, check of two parts: one is oil seal, whether have the wear and tear or deformation, wear oil seal lips of parts of a spring coil can be tightened, book to wear big leakage of oil seal can solve. If the invalid or changed shape, should be timely replacement of skeleton oil seal; Second, gas channel cannot be blocked, deposition of dust, grease and sundries shall be removed as soon as possible, ensure smooth channels. 7, regularly check the oil level height in the roller is the important content of the daily maintenance and regulation of the oil level height is one of the conditions of ensure the normal operation of roller, checking method can check according to the method described in the specification. With adjustment of electric hydraulic block brake maintenance, maintenance of hydraulic coupling, please according to the specification of the product. Whether any instrument for daily maintenance and maintenance, so as to increase their service life. Ensure that their daily normal use, improve the efficiency of use.
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