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The structure of the chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-24
Most people may find chain conveyors unfamiliar. In fact, chain conveyors can be seen in daily life. The conveyors of beverage production lines and beer production lines are the specifics of common chain conveyors. form. Today, the editor will talk about the structure of the chain conveyor: The chain conveyor is not as complicated as the screw conveyor. It is mainly the material and spacing of the chain plates, the width of the chain plates and the width of the turn to determine the quality of its quality. Common chain plates are made of POM material, stainless steel and stainless iron, and there are two types of turning forms: wing turning and magnetic turning. The width of the chain plate is also adjusted according to the different needs of the owners. At present, the national unified standards have 63.5, 82.5, 114.3, 152.4 and other requirements. The national standard also has specific regulations on the width of the turning chain plate. The connection point of the chain plate in the use of the chain loading conveyor is its weak link, which has also become a standard for distinguishing the quality of the chain conveyor. In practical applications, it will cause chain wear, breakage, and pull apart due to uneven forces, chain jams, poor toughness and other reasons. This will cause damage to the entire chain conveyor. Therefore, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the chain loading conveyor in actual use. Daily cleaning of chain plates with fixed water, timely replacement of motor oil, and timely shutdown of the power supply after use will help greatly improve the utilization rate and life of the chain loading conveyor.
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