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The role of screw conveyor in grain transportation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-21
2014-10-10 09:13:45    screw conveyor is a kind of conveying machinery, there are two kinds of tubular screw conveyor and U-shaped screw conveyor. Screw conveyors are widely used in various industries. Common industries mainly include coal mines, dust collectors, grain, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Now the machinery mainly introduces the application of screw conveyor in the food industry.   Screw conveyor uses a motor to drive the screw to rotate, thereby pushing the material for transportation. The screw conveyor has more than one conveying modes, including horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying modes, which can carry out good conveying of powder and granular materials.  The main characteristics of the screw loading conveyor are: 1. Good sealing performance, no leakage, and no dust, so it can greatly improve the working environment. 2. The diameter of the spiral body is small, but the speed is high, so it has a high conveying capacity, which is especially suitable for inclined and vertical conveying.  Because the screw conveyor has these characteristics, it is widely used, especially in the grain and food industry. Compared with ordinary screw conveyors, what are the specific differences? General screw conveyors are basically trough conveyors, while grain screw conveyors are tubular. This is the difference in appearance. Grain screw conveyors are mainly used to transport food. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and there are no requirements for materials. However, ordinary screw conveyors are not suitable for conveying materials that are perishable, viscous and easy to agglomerate, and work environment temperature and transportation The temperature of the material is regulated, the former is -20℃-40℃, and the latter is -20℃-80℃.
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