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The history of roller conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-19
Belt conveyors first appeared in the United Kingdom, screw conveyors first appeared in the United States, steel belt conveyors first appeared in Switzerland, and then inertial conveyors appeared in the United Kingdom and Germany. Since then, the loading conveyor has been continuously improved under the influence of technological progress in machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery, chemical industry and metallurgical industry. It has gradually developed from the completion of transportation within the workshop to the completion of material handling within enterprises, between enterprises and even between cities, becoming a material An integral part of the mechanization and automation of handling systems.

Power roller table is composed of power roller barrel assembly, aluminum side plate, film frame, tie rod, bearing seat, driving device and chain.

The unpowered roller table is composed of unpowered roller barrel assembly, aluminum side plate, film frame, tie rod and bearing seat.

The power roller table is driven by the driving device to drive the traction chain, and the chain drives the sprocket on each power roller barrel to rotate, so that the rotating conveying work.

The unpowered roller table is driven by people to push and pull the workpiece or the workpiece squeezes the workpiece, and moves on the free roller.

The fixed bracket is generally composed of several straight or curved segments as required. The roller loading conveyor can be used alone or in combination with other conveyors or working machinery on the assembly line. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation and disassembly, easy maintenance, and flexible line layout.

Short roller table can shorten the distance between rollers and light weight. The roller table is generally inclined slightly downward. When the item is heavy and the line is long, in order to save effort when pushing the item, the inclination can be 1-1.5%. If you want to make the item slide, the slope can be increased to 2-3%. There are many factors affecting the size of the self-slip slope, and most of them are used to determine the appropriate angle. When the length of the line is less than 10 meters and the item is lighter than kilogram, it can be arranged as a horizontal line. The self-sliding roller table is not easy to control the sliding speed of the items, so the length is generally not large. The width of the roller table is ~ mm larger than the width of the article. The minimum curvature radius of the curve section is 3 to 4 times the width of the roller table. The roller spacing is 1/3 to 1/4 of the length of the conveyed article, when the stability of the article conveying is required to be high. The spacing can be 1/4 to 1/5 of the length of the conveyed item. The diameter of the rollers is determined by the size of the load.

Powered roller conveyors are often used for horizontal or upward slightly inclined conveyor lines. The driving device transmits power to the roller to rotate it, and convey the article through the friction between the surface of the roller and the surface of the conveyed article. According to the drive mode, there are individual drives and group drives. In the former, each roller is equipped with a separate drive for easy disassembly. The latter is a group of several rollers, driven by a driving device to reduce the cost of equipment. The transmission modes of group drive include gear drive, chain drive and belt drive. Power roller conveyors are generally driven by AC motors, and can also be driven by two-speed motors and hydraulic motors as needed.

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