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The electric roller is how effective cooling

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-06
Along with the development of the period, electric roller once complete replaces the traditional conveyor roller. Today's electric roller is more convenient, also is the commonly used choice actually decreased choose traditional conveyor roller. Electric roller is focus motor and reduction gear inside the cylinder body of a match good transmission drum. And transmission drum, can also as a conveyor belt conveyor installations, and more stable. About their temperature can also through the corresponding ways for effective control. Electric roller is mainly used for small fixed belt conveyor or move electric roller conveyor, the place of traditional conveyor roller is able to complete. Reducer transmission roller type separation of installation, according to the special status of conveyor dictation, and then presents the separation type drive and electric roller reducer inside the drum, as well as the outside of the drum is called motor type electric roller. Electric roller in use process by electricity or kinetic friction will produce a large number of temperature, the machine is in use when the temperature will gradually rise, this is normal phenomenon, drum motor is not exceptional also, but if the high temperature weather, then the demand for cooling, otherwise can form inside the machine parts damaged, affect the service life of the product and the use efficiency, increase the enterprise capital. 1, cool the oil-immersed way: this type of micro electric roller allowing the oil into the motor internal, direct contact with the motor rotor and the stator winding, put them to work when the heat generated by the rely on cylinder body rotation from time to time and transmitted to the cylinder wall in the body. The structure of the cooling effect is good, but the relative requirements about the quality of the smooth oil and motor is higher also. 2, give oil cooled cooling way: tiny electric roller with a certain amount of cooling oil, due to constantly rotating drum body, cylinder scraping board will oil kept pouring to motor and gear, take away the heat generated by the motor and gear to work, to transfer heat to the cylinder body wall, accelerate motor cooling, and smooth effect on gear. Oil cooled tiny electric roller is the key to the motor is not allowed to enter the oil inside. 3, for air-cooled cooling way: the characteristics of the micro electric roller is a motor without oil cooling, by convection, conduction, radiation breezes and can be divided into two kinds of, forced air-cooled chiller and natural. The learning is more than can easily deal with mechanical temperature through the phenomenon of high, so use roller machine regularly to test temperature, high temperature through the timely processing of phenomenon or is to be able to produce damage to equipment.
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