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The development trend of beverage chain plate conveyor machinery is becoming more and more obvious

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
The beverage chain conveyor is a conveying mechanical equipment used in the beverage industry. It is driven by a motor reducer and can run side by side through multiple rows of chain plates, making the chain conveyor very wide and form a certain differential speed, which can be used The speed difference of multi-row chain plates makes multi-row conveying become single-row conveying without squeezing, so as to meet the single-row conveying requirements of beverage labeling, cleaning, filling and other equipment. In the production of various beverages, beverage processing can also be carried out, such as water treatment equipment, bottle washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine and sterilization equipment for coordinated use. Nowadays, the beverage chain loading conveyor is developing in the direction of high speed, high quality, high precision and large-scale. The development trend of beverage chain conveyor machinery is becoming more and more obvious. In order to meet the needs of large-scale production in the beverage industry and obtain the best economic benefits, beverage equipment is also becoming more and more large-scaled. Since the transportation of various beverages has different requirements, such as turning, descent, and lifting, etc.; the beverage chain conveyor can also choose different widths, different chain plates and different materials such as carbon steel chain plates, and flat plates according to the needs of the products. Top chain, top plate chain, linear chain plate, ball chain plate, Tetra Pak special chain plate, magnetic turning chain plate, anti-skid chain plate and special anti-static chain plate, etc., can be used to complete plane conveying and plane turning. , Lifting and lowering requirements for conveying, which is the main reason why beverage chain conveyors are widely used in the beverage industry.
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