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The characteristics of the roller conveyor and use range

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-30
Company in 2009 product upgrade, for assembly line, assembly line, times the speed chain assembly line, production line; Launch of fully automatic assembly line and automatic assembly line and automatic speed chain assembly line and automatic production line; In view of the factory workshop production, introduced the assembly line can be done automatically from raw material to product assembly line production line, assembly line, times the speed chain and greatly reduce the labor costs of production, improve the production efficiency; Leading the industry's new change! The characteristics of the roller conveyor and use scope, characteristics: roller conveyor is a kind of screw conveyor, compared with general screw conveyor has the following characteristics: ( 1) Compact structure, easy operation. ( 2) Because of conveying material is sealed, sealing better, thus can avoid dust pollution to the environment, improve working conditions. ( 3) Because of the cylinder body no lubrication oil bearing and cylinder has the characteristics of axial expansion, it can transport high temperature materials. ( 4) Cylinder in the process of operation, because it is equipped with the roller of the rolling bearing turns, at the same time the material is formed due to the weight of purging state and move forward, and the cylinder helix blade for continuous, no intermediate bearing block, therefore in the process of conveying material small resistance, power consumption about 50% less than other same type conveyor, is a good energy saving transportation equipment. ( 5) Due to the material in the process of delivery, is rolling along the material surface, and produces little cylinder and inner spiral blade relative sliding, reason of barrel and screw blade wear small, long using time, low maintenance cost. ( 6) It can be finished at the same time transportation, mixing, mixing a variety of processes. ( 7) Can feed more, more points. ( 8) When end feed, can adapt to the uneven feed requirements, material enters too much will not jam phenomenon and influence work. Second, the scope of use: because the roller conveyor has the above characteristics, so to adapt to a wide range of conveyed material, both to transport powder, granular, block and liquid materials, and the high temperature, uneven feed, the broken requirements, materials with pollution prevention requirements and needs more front-rear material has good adaptability. So the function of roller conveyor is widely used in building material, chemical, mining and metallurgy, electric power, food and other industrial sectors. Practice has proved that in the transport of cement clinker, limestone, rock phosphate, ilmenite powder dry, the material such as coal, slag, has obtained good effect. Roller conveyor is formed due to the material weight of purging state and move forward, so it is not applicable to big and not easy to flow conveying viscous or water content of wet powder. By the end of inlet into the material, the particle size is not greater than 1/4 screw diameter; Since the middle inlet into the material, the particle size shall be greater than 30 mm. In order to avoid the deformation due to cylinder through high temperature, carbonization temperature must be under 300 ℃.
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