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Ten steps of mesh belt conveyor maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-21
The mesh belt conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously conveys materials on a certain line. It can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, and can also form a space conveying line. The conveying line is generally fixed. The conveyor has large conveying capacity and long distance, and can also complete several technological operations at the same time during the conveying process. It is widely used in the transportation of beverage bottles, aluminum cans, medicines, cosmetics, food and other industries.

Mesh belt conveyors are widely used, and their maintenance is indispensable. The maintenance of the mesh belt conveyor mainly includes the following 10 steps:

1. The mesh belt conveyor should be supervised by fixed personnel during the working process. The guards must have general technical knowledge and be familiar with the performance of the conveyor.

2. Enterprises should formulate 'equipment maintenance, overhaul, and safety operation procedures' for conveyors so that the custodians can abide by them. Caregivers must have a shift system.

3. The feeding to the mesh belt conveyor should be uniform, and the feeding hopper should not be filled with material and overflow due to excessive feeding.

4. During the working process of the conveyor, non-custodial personnel shall not approach the machine; no personnel shall touch any rotating parts. When a fault occurs, the operation must be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault. If there are defects that are not easy to be eliminated immediately but have no great influence on the work, they should be recorded and eliminated during maintenance.

5. When taking care of the conveyor, you should always observe the operation of each component, check the connecting bolts everywhere, and tighten them in time if they are loose. However, it is absolutely forbidden to clean and repair the running parts of the conveyor when the conveyor is running.

6. The screw tensioning device assembled at the tail is properly adjusted to keep the conveyor belt with normal working tension. The caretaker should always observe the working condition of the loading conveyor belt, and the local damage should be determined according to the degree of damage (that is, whether it will affect the production) whether to replace it immediately or replace it with a new one when it is overhauled. The removed conveyor belt should be used for other purposes depending on the degree of wear.

7. When taking care of the belt conveyor, it is to observe its working state, clean, lubricate, and check and adjust the sporadic work of the screw tensioning device.

8. Generally, the mesh belt conveyor should start when there is no load, and stop working after the material is unloaded.

9. In addition to maintaining normal lubrication and replacing individual damaged parts during use, the conveyor should be overhauled every 6 months. During maintenance, eliminate defects in use and records, dismantle and replace damaged parts and replace lubricating oil, etc.

10. The enterprise can formulate the maintenance cycle according to the working conditions of the conveyor.

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