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Tell your common fault of belt conveyer belt tearing

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-04
Belt conveyor in the process of running in the belt tearing is a kind of common faults, and fault belt tearing and other production activities tend to have a big impact. This article will tell you torn the common faults of belt conveyor. A belt running deviation, and cause analysis for coal mine production, the belt conveyor in the process of running belt running deviation of phenomenon is more common. Mainly is the cargo is not homogeneous, belt conveyor in the process of transportation will appear Angle of tilt, etc. Belt running deviation will have a big impact, and can make the belt first wear, shorten the service life of conveyor; Second, serious case will make the belt appeared to soften, even fire, cause the outage, make the whole production line production, causing casualties. 2, belt conveyor, abnormal sound under normal circumstances, the voice of the belt conveyor in the process of running is relatively small, if abnormal voice, most likely is a case of damage or roller bearing gravely deviates from the center, once the coupling problem between motor and reducer, appear all sorts of noise will make driving devices, etc. Three, strip break belt conveyor appearing accidents in coal mine production is a relatively heavy task, need conveyor uninterrupted work day and night. Tape over a long period of time in the operation you will have to shorten its service life. The tape in the process of transportation if the large pieces of card, coal and other hard objects will be expanded, in turn, lead to broken belt tension. In addition, the tape in the case of prone to tape tear phenomenon. Four sliding accident about conveyor, conveyor belt occur sliding accident has two main reason: first of all is the tension of conveyor belt from drum is insufficient, and the initial tension is too small, it makes the conveyor belt, the phenomenon of the skid. Second, conveyor of fugitive dust is too much, there are a large number of coal dust accumulation, not to timely maintenance and replacement of belt conveyor, causing increased resistance will appear sliding accident. Finally the relative height is lower, the level of material speed is faster, will cause the lower belt lateral impact force is big, the belt cross sectional material is easy to appear skewed causing slippage phenomenon.
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