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Talking about the applied brake of stainless steel roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-20
For the stainless steel roller that conveys the material, in order to prevent the inverted or slippery situation when the vehicle is parked with load, it is necessary to configure the brake. For belt conveyor equipment, three types of belt backstops, roller backstops and block brakes are often selected. Introduce the effect of these three brakes on the power roller in detail. 1. If the stainless steel roller belt backstop is the time when the inclined conveyor equipment is parked, under the action of the load component, when the loading conveyor belt is reversed, the brake belt will be brought between the roller and the conveyor belt, and the brake belt will be wedged. The conveying equipment is also braked. The equipment structure like this is omitted, the cost is very low, and it is quite suitable for the upward conveying equipment whose inclination does not exceed 18°. The disadvantage is that the braking time, first reversing for a period, will constitute a situation of congestion and overflow at the feeding place.  Second, stainless steel drum roller backstop    When the power drum normally comes to homework, it drives the drum shaft to move the roller backstop. Its star wheel rolls around the target clockwise, and usually the rollers are cut off in the wider area of u200bu200bthe star wheel. Brake work like this needs to be quite stable and tough, and it needs to be serialized and can be selected according to the slower. And the roller backstop is in the upward power drum, its application is very ordinary. 3. Questions about the stainless steel drum block brake. Compared with the commonly used block brake, the power drum will be worse than the backstop during homework. In some local areas where the backstop cannot be applied, such as downward conveying and horizontal conveying. There is a plea for the interruption moment.   Therefore, when the power roller is applied, it will definitely be applied to the brake. For the choice of brake, the user must study it to see where the power roller is used in order to better reflect the role of the brake.
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