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Talk about the typical structure of electric roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-12

Because the electric roller conveyor uses the motor and the deceleration device as the

A whole is placed inside the roller conveyor body, so the most important components of the electric roller conveyor structure are the motor and the speed reducer

Install these two parts. In addition, there are roller conveyors used to support the conveyor belt and drive its movement in the electric roller conveyor

body, used to support the front and rear axles and supports of the electric roller conveyor itself, as well as the end caps that connect the roller conveyor body and the front and rear axles

, glands, bearings, seals and other parts.
As the power source of the belt conveyor, the electric roller conveyor is its main

To use. The working characteristics of the electric roller conveyor are:

1. Continuous work for a long time, so the motor is required to work continuously.

2. Once the conveyor is stopped, the electric roller conveyor is required to be able to start under load, so electric

The motor has a large starting torque, and the starting current is not required to be too large.

Select the rated power of the motor correctly
The principle of
is: on the premise that the motor can meet the requirements of mechanical load, the most economical and most reasonable decision to determine the power of the motor

. When determining the power of the motor, three factors should be considered: the heating of the motor, the allowable overload capacity and the starting performance.

Transmission mechanism
With the changing range of electric roller conveyors

Continuous expansion, various industries have different performance requirements for electric roller conveyors. For example: requesting the power of the electric roller loading conveyor

It is very large, but the length of the cylinder is expected to be very short; the belt speed of the electric roller conveyor is required to be extremely low, even as low as 0.05m/s;

The noise of the moving roller conveyor is very low; it is required that the electric roller conveyor can change the belt speed correspondingly with the change of the working conditions;

The electric roller loading conveyor is required to rotate only in one direction; the electric roller conveyor is required to brake immediately when the power is cut off, etc., in order to fully

According to the needs of different occasions, the transmission mechanism of electric roller conveyors has appeared in various forms, mainly including:

a, involute teeth

Wheel parallel axis fixed axis transmission mechanism
b, involute planetary gear transmission
c, differential gear train mechanism
d, cycloidal pinwheel

Star transmission
e, harmonic gear transmission
f, variable speed bearing transmission

Others Main parts
Although the structure of the electric roller conveyor is varied, the main parts are basically the same, except for the simple

In addition to the motor and transmission mechanism mentioned above, there are also main parts such as roller conveyor body, right shaft, left shaft, end cover, support and so on.

Standard parts such as bearings, seals, fasteners, etc.

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