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Steel rope core mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-30
The growing market for steel rope core mobile conveyors is closely related to its high product quality and high-intensity work capacity. Since the steel cord loading conveyor belt adopts high-strength traction elements, compared with other belt conveyors, it has the following characteristics: 1. The belt elongation is small, and the elongation of the chemical fiber core belt is generally 1.5%-2.5%. , The tightening stroke required by the transport aircraft is 1.5%-2% of the captain. The tensioning device is huge, the equipment layout is not economical, and it is difficult to start. The elongation of the steel cord tape is only 0.1%-0.2%, which is only 1/15-1/10 of the chemical fiber core tape. The tightening stroke can be shortened, the tightening device is relatively simple, and the floor space is small. Because the steel cord core tape has high longitudinal elasticity, fast spreading speed, and easier starting, it can avoid tape slippage and help protect the tape and other transmission devices. 2. The lateral rigidity is small and the groove forming performance is good. The maximum allowable working tension of the general chemical fiber core tape can reach 30000N/cm, but the tape is thicker, the lateral rigidity is large, and the groove forming performance is not good. The steel cord tape has only one layer of core, with low lateral rigidity and good groove forming performance. In the transportation work, the tape can be closely attached to the surface of the roller to form a large transportation volume (usually 32-35 degrees, up to 45 degrees), which can increase the transportation volume and prevent tape deviation and sprinkling. Advantageous conditions. The tape with steel cord has a variety of specifications, which can meet the needs of various transportation schemes. 3. High strength, which can meet the requirements of most mines and can withstand greater working tension, especially suitable for mine transportation systems with long transportation distances and large transportation volumes. 4. Strong fatigue resistance and good seismic performance. The twisted steel wire rope is used as the core. The steel wire must be copper-plated or galvanized, which has good fatigue resistance and attached performance. There is no such thing as the chemical fiber core tape. Kind of interlayer tension. Therefore, the anti-bending fatigue performance and the anti-vibration performance are higher than that of the chemical fiber core tape. Therefore, the power performance of the steel cord tape is significantly better than other types of tapes, it is safe and reliable, and has a longer life. Both the use effect and the economic benefits are ideal. The steel cord belt mobile loading conveyor is a new type of high-strength continuous transportation equipment. It has the characteristics of large transportation capacity, long transportation distance, reliable operation, simple operation, continuous transportation or semi-continuous transportation, easy realization of automation, and significant economic benefits. Therefore, it has been widely used and developed. At present, the steel cord belt mobile loading conveyor is developing to high power and high speed to meet the production needs of large open-pit mines, especially deep-pit open-pit mines. Such good equipment is not only more and more widely used now, but also has great development prospects and broad market prospects in the future.
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