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Roller conveyor equipment characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-29
Drum line is suitable for the bottom is flat goods transportation, mainly by the drive roller, frame, support, driving devices and other parts. Has big throughput, speed, running fast, can realize many varieties collinear shunt transmission characteristics. Equipment characteristics: roller conveyor is easy to link of filtering, can be used with other conveying equipment or special complex transmission system, can realize many varieties collinear shunt transmission characteristics. Product can be used to put the accumulation of material conveying roller implementation. Of the flat at the bottom of the roller conveyor is suitable for the goods delivery. Has big throughput, speed, running fast, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance, power cylinder line design is tensile strength should be considered chain, single shoulds not be too long. Taken the roller conveyor introduction: structure: from drive formally divided into power, no power, electric drum, etc. , according to the layout form is divided into horizontal conveying, tilt and turn. Dimensions: roller conveyor width is specified by the customer, can be produced according to customer demand, turning roll line standard turning radius is 300, 600, 900, 1200 mm, etc. , other special specifications can also according to customer requirement. Straight segment roller roller diameter is used in the 38, 50, 60, 76, 89 mm, etc. Turning roller taper we will according to the weight of the delivery object, appearance size, to design the linear velocity, etc. The frame material: carbon steel coating, stainless steel, aluminum. Motivation: gear motor drive, electric drum drive form. Driving mode: single wheel, double chain, O belt, plane friction transmission belt, wedge belt, etc. Speed adjustment way: frequency control, stepless speed change, etc. The technical design of drum and organizational design, technology design. Technology design including process routes and process planning, special equipment design, modified equipment, special jig design, design of transportation equipment, etc. Second, the organization design. 1, to the beat. The beat is the assembly line production before and after the time interval between two of the same product, is the foundation of pipeline design. 2, the rhythm. When calculating the beat is small, production volume is very small, also according to the shipment is more convenient. So, order to produce the time interval between two batches of the same products is called the rhythm. 3, production line equipment ( Work) The number. In order to ensure the products on assembly line roller continuous motion, each process equipment ( Work) The number shall be equal to the processing time and the ratio of the assembly line rhythm. 4, equipment load factor. Equipment load coefficient utilization degree of the equipment. 5, line number. 6, the conveyor belt speed. Can be customized according to the requirements of various sizes of stainless steel roller, all kinds of roller series, all kinds of rubber roller series, logistics transportation equipment series, the series of SMT equipment, pipeline accessories
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