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Regulations of mine belt conveyor in coal mine safety regulations

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-07
2014-03-19 10:44:47 Mining belt conveyors are mainly used for underground transportation, pipeline digging and transportation in coal mines. It has the remarkable characteristics of large transportation volume, long transportation distance, less equipment failure and low transportation cost. It is one of the indispensable main supporting equipment for comprehensive and general machine mining face. The electrical equipment of this series of mining belt conveyors has explosion-proof performance. The mining belt conveyors are allowed to be used in mines with coal dust and gas. Mining belt conveyors have the following provisions in the coal mine safety regulations: 1. Over-speed protection, over-current and under-voltage protection, steel rope and conveyor belt chute protection, conveyor belt partial overload protection, and steel wire rope tensioning car must be installed at the end And tighten the heavy hammer to protect it from the ground. 2. The wire rope traction belt type used in inclined shafts must be equipped with spring-type or heavy-hammer brakes. The performance of the brakes should meet the following requirements: (1) The difference between the braking torque and the designed large static tension The ratio of the moments acting on the brake wheel shall not be less than 2 nor greater than 3. (2) The brake can be automatically applied in the event of an accidental power failure or various protective devices. 3. In inclined shafts, the use of wire rope traction belt conveyors to transport personnel should comply with the following regulations: (1) The vertical distance from the conveyor belt to the top of the roadway in the 20m section of the upper and lower personnel shall not be less than 1.4m, The vertical distance in the driving section shall not be less than 1m. The vertical distance of the upper and lower loading conveyor belts shall not be less than 1m when the down belt is used for passengers. (2) The belt width of the loading conveyor belt must not be less than 0.8m, the running speed must not exceed 1.8m/s, and the width from the rope groove to the belt edge of the loading conveyor belt must not be less than 60mm. (3) The distance between passengers shall not be less than 4m. The occupants shall not stand or lie on their backs, shall face the direction of travel, and shall not carry heavy objects and touch the side panels of the conveyor belt. (4) There should be a platform and lighting for the place where people go up and down. The length of the platform with people going up and down should not be less than 5m, the width should not be less than 0.8m, and there should be railings. There shall be no brackets or suspension devices in the section where people go up and down. There should be signs or audible and visual signals at the place of disembarkation, and a safety device capable of automatic parking must be provided at a distance of 2m in front of the end of the disembarkation section. At the coal unloading port, there must be facilities to prevent people from falling into the coal bunker. (5) Before transporting personnel to and from get off work, the materials on the conveyor belt must be unloaded. (6) An emergency stop device that can be operated by passengers or other personnel at the full length of the conveyor shall be installed. 1. The transportation volume range in this table is given based on the gravel with a loose density of 1.6 tons/m3. 2. The inclination angle of the conveyor is ≤180°, and the material accumulation angle is 30°. 3. The company can also design equipment configuration according to the special needs of users.
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