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Reconstruction and Application of Scraper Conveyor Sprocket Assembly

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-04
In the coal mining face of the coal mine, the shearer, scraper loading conveyor and supporting equipment form a set of coal mining equipment. The matching relationship between their working capacity and structure size directly affects the smooth implementation of the coal mining process. full play of equipment capabilities.

We take a SGZ764/630 scraper loading conveyor as an example. Due to the large volume of the fuel tank at the end of the sprocket assembly, the fuel tank of the rear scraper loading conveyor is often affected by gangue and end frame columns during production. Extrusion deformation, resulting in damage to the sprocket and oil leakage, affecting normal production. Through analysis and research, after processing and transforming its fuel tank, the volume is reduced and it is adapted to the production environment.

In view of the existing problems, through analysis and research, the focus is to avoid the extrusion of the hydraulic support and the gangue, and it is planned to reprocess the fuel tank to reduce the probability of the fuel tank being squeezed.

The composition and technical parameters of the device are as follows:

Round steel plate with a material thickness of 60mm and a diameter of 450mm.

The modified fuel tank is made of steel plate on a lathe, and the installation is simple. The installed fuel tank is fixed by six screws. Compared with the original sprocket assembly fuel tank, the thickness is reduced by at least 210mm. .

Features of refitted results

1. Small footprint, reliable, simple, easy to use, low cost;

2. Reduced oil spill accidents and saved grease ;

3. It is convenient for the bracket worker to pull and move the end frame, reduce the damage rate of the sprocket assembly, and improve the production efficiency.

The device significantly reduces the damage rate of the sprocket assembly during the application of the underground working face in a certain mine, ensures the normal production of the working face, improves the economic benefit, and has a good promotion and application value.

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