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Reasons for deviation of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-12
Belt conveyor is a kind of high-efficiency and universal continuous conveyor with continuous conveying, high production efficiency, low running resistance, low power consumption, low load wear (a basic type of component failure), and long transportation distance for a single conveyor. Belt conveyors include general mobile type, underground selection type, fixed type for open-pit mines, special structure type, removable loading conveyor, special transfer function type for loaders, large inclination loading conveyor, etc. Generally speaking, short-distance in-plant conveyors can be To complete the level, up or down, the reversible pattern belt conveyor can be used to convey materials in both directions. The chain plate feeder is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of lime production enterprises. Its main function is to transfer processed or unprocessed materials. The processed materials are continuously and evenly fed from a certain equipment (hoppers, storage bins, etc.) to the receiving equipment or transportation machinery. The chain conveyor is a standard chain plate as the bearing surface and powered by a motor reducer. Transmission of transmission device. The load-bearing components are used to carry materials, such as hoppers, brackets or spreaders; the driving device powers the conveyor, which is generally composed of a motor, a reducer and a brake (stop); the tensioning device generally has a screw type and a heavy There are two types of hammers, which can maintain a certain tension (explanation: mutual traction when the object is under tension) and sag to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt; the support is used to support the traction or load-bearing member, and the support can be used. Rollers, rollers, etc. The conveyor belt serves as a bearing member and a bearing member, and transmits power through static friction. The belt conveyor can be used for horizontal or inclined transportation. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy (content: extracting metals or metal compounds from ore), chemical industry, food processing and other fields. It is an important material transportation equipment in industrial production. However, the conveyor belt is prone to loss, leading to material diffusion, the labor intensity of the operator, the increase of equipment failure rate, the reduction of production efficiency, and the increase of operating costs. Belt deviation phenomenon and its causes: The so-called belt deviation refers to the phenomenon that the actual longitudinal centerline of the belt deviates from the theoretical centerline of the belt during the operation of the belt conveyor, rather than the phenomenon of linear deviation. Belt deviation is one of the common faults of conveying equipment. The deviation of the conveyor belt will accelerate the wear of the equipment, cause material overflow, and even cause serious damage to the equipment. There are many reasons for the deviation of the conveyor belt. The fundamental reason is that in the belt width direction, the resultant force of the belt subjected to external forces is not zero. The reasons are analyzed from the equipment itself and man-made aspects. Factors of the belt conveyor equipment itself: 1) The equipment itself has poor tolerance, is easily deformed under load, and loses the original structural stability (explanation: stable and stable; no change), causing the conveyor belt to be uneven during operation Force, causing the conveyor belt to deviate; 2) In the production process of the conveyor belt, due to processing problems, the quality of the conveyor belt is not good enough, resulting in uneven thickness or irregular shape of the conveyor belt, resulting in uneven force and deviation of the conveyor belt; 3) In the process of connecting the conveyor belt, due to the problem of the conveyor belt itself, the connection section at the joint is not even enough, resulting in a large connection error; 4) The position of the roller is not handled properly, resulting in the center line of the roller and the center line of the conveyor belt not perpendicular to the conveyor belt . The failure of the roller bearing makes it unable to roll smoothly, making the friction of the conveyor belt not uniform enough during operation, which will cause deviation and also cause uneven wear of the loading conveyor belt; 5) heat will be generated during transportation. The heat dissipation function of the equipment is not perfect, resulting in uneven position of the conveyor belt, uneven force on the conveyor belt, and deviation of the conveyor belt. Human factors of belt conveyor: 1) During the installation of the roller, the positional relationship between the roller and the conveyor belt is not coordinated. The centerline of the roller and the centerline of the conveyor belt cannot be perpendicular to each other.
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