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Problems to be paid attention to in the conveying of ceramic powder by screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-11
The ceramic powder screw conveyor is a commonly used conveying equipment for conveying powder, granular, and small block materials. Various bearings are operated in dust. Therefore, the reasonable operation and maintenance of the screw loading conveyor under such conditions Has a greater meaning.  The operation and maintenance requirements of the ceramic powder screw conveyor are as follows:   1. The screw machine should be started without load, that is, when there is no material in the casing, the screw machine can be fed to the screw machine after starting. 2. During the initial feeding of the screw machine, the accumulation of the feeding material and the overload of the driving equipment should be avoided, which will damage the whole machine in advance.  3. In order to ensure that the screw machine starts without load, the loading conveyor should stop feeding before stopping, and the operation can be stopped after the material in the casing is completely discharged.  4. The materials to be transported shall not be mixed with solid ones.   5. In the work, always check the working conditions of each part of the screw machine, pay attention to whether the fastening parts are loose, if the screws between the machine tube and the connecting shaft are found to be loose, if this phenomenon is found, it should be stopped and corrected.   6. In order to avoid accidents, the screw machine cover should not be removed when the machine is working.
How to extend the short life of screw conveyor bearing
Bearings of screw conveyors are parts with large wear and should be kept lubricated. Sometimes the service life of the bearings is shortened by not paying attention to the lubrication and maintenance of the bearings. Good lubrication has a great relationship with the life of the bearings and directly affects them. The service life and operation rate of the screw loading conveyor. The main oil injection parts of the conveyor include rotating bearings, roller bearings, gears, movable bearings, and sliding planes. The newly installed wheel tyres are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently, and the wear parts must be regularly checked. Check the degree of wear and pay attention to replace the worn parts. If the bearing oil temperature is too high, stop immediately to check the cause and solve it.

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