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Precautions for operation of large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-18
Machinery specializes in the production of various grain conveying machinery, one of which is the high-inclination belt conveyor. The high-inclination belt conveyor is a professional conveying equipment. There are many aspects to pay attention to when using it. Compared with ordinary conveyors in operation When using large-incline belt conveyors, we need to keep in mind the precautions to be well aware of. Generally speaking, there are three aspects of attention about large-incline conveyors: 1. Preparation for driving 1. The operator of large-incline belt conveyors must understand and be familiar with The name and principle of the equipment can only be operated after being trained by a specialized organization. 2. Check the machine head carefully to see if there is a plugging belt and coal gangue falling off the blocking belt, and whether the idler rolls are falling and not rotating. 3. Check the transmission device carefully, and whether each screw is complete, complete and fastened. Whether the reducer, fluid coupling and brake are leaking, and whether the oil level is normal. 4. Check the wear of the cleaner and whether the guide chute is stable. 5. Check whether the belt is deviated, whether it is loaded properly, whether the coal baffle is proper, whether the cables, oil pipes and water pipes are well hung. 2. Start operation 1. Before starting the belt conveyor, the driver of the front scraper conveyor should be signaled to start the operation of the scraper conveyor. 2. After confirming that there is no abnormality, close the handle of the lighting signal comprehensive protection device, press the green 'start' button, and the power supply and work indicator of the lighting signal comprehensive protection device will light up. 3. Open the cooling water valve of the speed-regulating fluid coupling, and the amount of water should be appropriate. 4. Press the belt conveyor integrated protector, the protector will send out a voice start-up warning signal, confirm that there is no fault display, and then prepare to start the electric control panel to start the belt conveyor. 5. Observe that the operating low indicator of the hydraulic coupling of the electric control panel is on, the proximity control indicator of the system is on, and when the display shows no faults, press the start button. 6. After pressing the start button of the electric control screen, the time-expanding horn will send out a voice driving warning signal. After 15 seconds, the belt conveyor enters the automatic start program. 7. After the belt conveyor enters normal operation, pay attention to observe the operating status of the belt loading conveyor, whether the belt is off-track, whether the belt joints have wire rope hair ends, reducers, hydraulic couplings, brakes and motors, etc. Whether the parts are abnormal. 3. Shutdown operation 1. Before the belt conveyor machine is shut down, the coal on the belt conveyor must be pulled out (except under special circumstances) to avoid the heavy load start of the belt loading conveyor. 2. When you hear the stop signal or there is an abnormality, press the stop button on the electronic control panel, the belt loading conveyor enters the automatic shutdown program, the speed-regulating hydraulic coupling actuator runs from high speed to low speed, and the electronic control panel is high. The indicator light is off, the low indicator light is on, the main motor stops running, the main motor indicator light is off, the brake motor stops, the brake is closed, the brake pump indicator light is off, and the shutdown process takes about 10 seconds. 3. If you press the stop button on the electronic control panel, the belt conveyor cannot enter the automatic shutdown process, or the belt conveyor has abnormal conditions, you should immediately press the emergency stop button on the electronic control panel. 4. Turn off the hydraulic power Coupling cooling water valve. 5. Place the handle of the lighting signal integrated protection device to the open position.
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