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Overview of belt conveyor with large inclination corrugated ribs

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-17
The large inclination corrugated sidewall belt loading conveyor is a new type of belt loading conveyor, which has been widely used in foreign industrialized countries, mainly used in coal, metallurgy, chemical, port, power and other industries. In China, since the inclination angle of traditional conveyors is generally below 20°, if a large lifting height is required, there will be shortcomings such as long conveying distance, large area, large amount of civil engineering, and complex process layout. In order to reduce land occupation, reduce project investment and operating costs, and realize the urgent need for energy saving and consumption reduction, the large inclination corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is gradually being promoted and applied due to its unique structure and outstanding characteristics. This machine is suitable for conveying all kinds of dry bulk materials, but when the moisture exceeds 10%, the materials of the conveyor will adhere to the diaphragm or ribs, causing unclean discharge and difficult to remove. Roller compacted concrete belongs to dry lean concrete, but the water, cement, admixtures, admixtures and aggregates in the concrete have a certain degree of adhesion after being mixed. Therefore, it is necessary to design and install a set of reliable tapping devices to reduce The adhesion of the base belt, the diaphragm and the ribs to the cement mortar and the fine aggregate reduces the separation of the aggregate and ensures that the quality of the roller compacted concrete is not affected during the transportation. Compared with ordinary belt conveyors, the large-inclination corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is suitable for large-inclination material transportation. Compared with conventional belt conveyors, the length of the conveyor line is greatly shortened and the land occupation is reduced; the lifting height can be up to 200m; the conveying capacity range Wide, large conveying capacity, up to 2500m3/h, material particle size up to 800mm; low energy consumption, simple structure, convenient maintenance, compared with conventional belt conveyors, the energy consumption per unit weight of materials is reduced by about 30%; Compared with ordinary belt conveyors, bucket elevators, and scraper conveyors, this model has superior comprehensive technical performance, higher reliability than bucket elevators, lower maintenance costs, and service life comparable to conventional belt conveyors. Basically the same; the operating environment conditions and the types of materials conveyed are basically the same as those of conventional belt conveyors; the belt has high strength and long service life.
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