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Micro and Outboard Motorized Drum Conveyors assortment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-15

The electric roller conveyor is a new type of driving device that puts the motor and the reducer together inside the roller conveyor.

Set. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyors, replacing traditional motors, and the reducer is used to drive roller conveyors.

Separate drive outside the machine.

In recent years, according to some special occasions of belt conveyor need, again

Now there is a reduction device between the separate drive and the electric roller conveyor drive. Inside the roller conveyor, the electric

Outside-mounted electric roller conveyors outside the roller conveyor body.

Compared to split drives, electric

Roller conveyor has the advantages of compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, reliable operation and sealing.

Good performance, small footprint, easy installation and many other advantages, and it is suitable for working in various harsh environmental conditions. including damp

, muddy, dusty working environment.
The electric roller conveyor is used as the driving force of belt loading conveyor and hoisting equipment.

Power, widely used in metallurgy, mining, paper, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical industry, compound fertilizer and road construction machinery and other industries.

The electric roller conveyor produced by our company has three transmission forms: fixed shaft gear, cycloidal pin wheel and planetary pin wheel. The installation types are as follows:

Built-in motor, external and mobile type, when the motor is built-in, there are two forms of oil-cooled type and oil-immersed type.

Compared with general deceleration mechanism, it has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, good sealing performance, convenient installation, etc., and is well received by users


Basic classification of electric roller conveyors
There are four basic classifications of electric roller conveyors at present

This method. That is, according to the cooling method of the motor, the transmission structure type of the reducer, the basic working ring of the electric roller conveyor

Environmental features and the placement of motors inside and outside the roller conveyor are several ways to classify electric roller conveyors.

According to the different cooling methods of the motor, the electric roller conveyor can be divided into three categories

1. Air-cooled electric roller conveyor
This kind of The characteristic of the electric roller conveyor is that the motor does not need to be cooled by oil, and it can rely on conduction, radiation and wind convection.

There are two types of forced air cooling and natural air cooling.

2. Oil-cooled electric roller conveyor
This electric roller

Drum conveyor is also known as indirect oil-cooled electric drum conveyor. There is a certain amount of cooling oil in the electric roller conveyor.

The drum conveyor body keeps rotating, and the oil scraper on the drum body keeps pouring the oil onto the motor and gear, taking away the motor and gear

The heat generated when the wheel works, transfers the heat to the wall of the roller conveyor, accelerates the motor to dissipate heat, and lubricates the gears

Action. The key to the oil-cooled electric roller conveyor is that no oil is allowed to enter the inside of the motor.

3. Oil-immersed electric drum

The oil-immersed electric roller conveyor is also called the direct oil-cooled electric roller conveyor. This type of electric

Roller conveyors allow oil to enter the inside of the motor and directly contact the rotor and stator windings of the motor, making them work

The heat generated is transferred to the inner wall of the roller conveyor by the continuous rotation of the roller conveyor. The heat dissipation effect of this structure is better

, but the quality of lubricating oil and motor is relatively high.

Assembly of Electric Roller

2. All parts must be cleaned before assembly

Wash it clean.
3. When assembling, each seal must be carefully cleaned and then coated with sealant to prevent oil leakage.

4. After the built-in roller conveyor motor is installed, the insulation resistance should be measured. The insulation resistance value should be greater than 5MΩ and must be idling for one or two minutes.

Watch to see if the operation is normal.
5. For the electric roller conveyor that has been over-maintained, follow the instructions 2-3 in this manual.

Articles are carefully inspected, installed, adjusted and commissioned.

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