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Mechanical equipment maintenance system

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-30
1. 1 maintenance principles and requirements. 1 in order to ensure the machinery in good technical condition, often can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, improve the utilization rate of mechanical pipe, to reduce mechanical wear and prolong the service life of machinery, mechanical operation and reduce the maintenance cost to ensure production safety, must strengthen the mechanical equipment maintenance work; 1. 2 must implement & other mechanical maintenance; Keep paying equal attention to, prevention & throughout; Principle, do regular maintenance, forced to correctly deal with the relationship between the use, maintenance and repair, are not allowed to use does not raise, not only to raise; 1. 3 each team must be made according to the mechanical maintenance procedures and maintenance categories of all kinds of mechanical maintenance work, without undue delay, special cases subject to in charge of the special approval to deferred maintenance, but generally shall not exceed the prescribed maintenance interval half; 1. 4 maintenance machinery to ensure the quality, item by item project according to relevant regulations and requirements, shall not buy or not. Maintenance projects, maintenance quality and maintenance problems should make records, found in the designed work of the department; 1. 5 maintenance personnel and the maintenance department should do & other; The check in a ( Self-inspection, mutual inspection, qualified full-time inspection and a transition) ” , constantly sum up the experiences of maintenance and improve the quality of maintenance; 1. 6 asset management regular supervision and inspection units, mechanical maintenance regularly or irregularly selectiving examination maintenance quality, and retiring. 2. Maintenance and supervision of the implementation of the 2 homework. 1 insist on promoting & other mechanical maintenance; Cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anticorrosion & throughout; As the main content of & other; Cross & throughout; Operation method, carry out routine maintenance and regular maintenance system, strictly in accordance with the instructions specified period and check the maintenance projects. 2. 2 routine maintenance is in the process of mechanical operation before and after and for cleaning and inspection, mainly check the key and vulnerable parts ( Such as mechanical safety device) , amount of coolant, lubricants, fuel oil, instrument, etc. Routine maintenance by the operator itself, and fill in 'mechanical routine maintenance records'. 2. 3 level maintenance: common to tighten and lubrication, cleaning, and partly to adjust operation, maintenance of machinery in good technical condition. Unit using asset management personnel according to maintenance plan issued by the mechanical equipment maintenance, lubrication notice to operation team, performed by the operator himself, operation class monitor for inspections. 2. 4 secondary maintenance: including level maintenance of all content, to check and adjustment as the center, in mechanical assembly, agencies, parts with good performance. Issued by unit using asset management personnel under the mechanical equipment maintenance, lubrication notice to operation team, mainly completed by the operator himself, the operator when I finish with difficulty, can entrust repair departments, use asset manager, operation class monitor for inspections.
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