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Matters needing attention when installing screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-17
The suspension bearings of the screw loading conveyor should reliably support the connecting shaft, and the screw should not be jammed or bent. During installation, the number of spacers of the suspension bearing must be adjusted so that no gap is formed between the split surfaces of the bearing, and there is an appropriate radial gap between the bearing and the coupling shaft. The suspension bearing should be installed at the midpoint of the connecting shaft, and the gap between its end face and the end face of the two spiral pipe shafts should be greater than 10mm respectively. In order to adjust the cumulative error of the length between the casing and the spiral, it is allowed to be installed between the flanges of each casing Padded woven asbestos tape. Depending on the sealing requirements between the casing and the cover, you can decide whether to padded waterproof rough canvas; when the center height of the low-speed shaft of the drive device reducer and the center height of the screw machine are too large, the height of the drive device can be adjusted by the gasket ; If oil leakage is found in the bearing, remove the bearing and adjust the tightness of the spring in the sealing ring until there is no oil leakage. The foundation of the screw loading conveyor must be firm and reliable, so that the screw does not sink or deform, and ensure sufficient stability when the screw is running; the coincidence tolerance of the shaft or bearing centerline and the longitudinal centerline of the screw is 0.5mm; The inner surfaces of two adjacent casings shall not be significantly staggered at their mutual joints; all sections of the screw machine must be adjusted and stabilized before tightening the anchor bolts; when installing, pay attention to the verticality of the main body and the horizontal; check the bolts at all parts Whether there is any looseness and whether the door of the main engine is fastened, please fasten it; after the inspection, carry out a no-load test run, and the test run is normal for production; the low-speed shaft of the driving device and the front shaft of the screw machine should be on the same axis. If a floating coupling is used, the deviation of parallelism shall not exceed 1/100, and the deviation of displacement shall not exceed 0.2mm; if the coupling is used, the error of the angle of intersection between the two axes shall not exceed 1°30′; if necessary, the inlet and outlet ports For the on-site installation, solder after the whole machine is fixed. The flange supporting surface of the inlet and outlet should be parallel to the axis of the screw, and the connection with the funnel should be closely fitted, and there should be no gaps.
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