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Long distance belt conveyor belt steering device

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-24

Long distance belt conveyor can take the place of two or more general type belt conveyor, specially designed for engineering site, the design such as terrain, simplifies the technical design of the system, and reduce the number of the transfer station and transfer of unloading equipment. As a result, reduces the footprint of engineering site, and also reduces the project cost, operation and maintenance costs. As a result, many projects at home and abroad, chose the long distance, large capacity of the belt conveyor as transportation equipment. 

 However, because of long belt conveyor transportation distance is long, long transport routes, the rest of the material in the process of delivery will lead to serious adhesion return roller and conveyor belt material, increased the conveyor running burden. If the material is more viscous or contain more water, it will become more and more serious. In addition, due to the large distance conveyor belt long distance operation, conveyor belt will wear faster and reduce the service life of the conveyor belt. 

 In addition, there are long distance belt conveyor system can not like the traditional belt conveyor is installed in the workshop or machine room. On the contrary, they are installed in the outdoor. In winter, the ice adhesion on the surface of the conveyor belt, especially in the cold area, and the ice remaining material freezing further aggravate the burden of the operation of the conveyor belt. These will undoubtedly reduce the transmission efficiency of belt conveyor, increase energy consumption, even worse, can lead to a conveyor belt deviation even tear. So, how can we prevent these problems, improving the efficiency of the long distance belt conveyor? At present, the domestic and international long distance belt conveyor cleaning is mainly based on the return area to install belt type steering gear. It has been proved this arrangement can effectively solve the above problems. Belt steering principle: under normal circumstances, long distance belt conveyor in the back part is equipped with two belt rotating device, which is installed on the head and tail. 

 Operating principle is when the conveyor belt to return to and through the transfer head. Belt transporter force belt moves 180 degrees, a conveyor belt carrying surface ( The conveyor belt of the surface of the work) Upward, non bearing surface contact with the idler, the tail end of the movement of the conveyor belt to the conveyor belt and again forced conveyor belt: turn 180 degrees, the bearing face up. Twice in the conveyor belt rotation, the bearing surfaces has been restored to its original position, can continue to bear the transport task. 

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