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Introduction of several tensioning devices of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-29
2012-04-07 08:30:44 Introduction to several tensioning devices of belt conveyors, common tensioning devices include spiral tensioning device, gravity tensioning device, fixed winch tensioning device, automatic tensioning device, each The advantages and disadvantages of each can be applied to different belt conveyors that are not used. The spiral tensioning device has a simple structure, and the tensioning stroke is too small. It is only suitable for short-interval conveyors. Generally, it is selected when the length is less than 80m. The disadvantage is that the tape cannot be automatically tensioned after it stretches by itself. The gravity tensioning device is a kind of tensioning device with a simple structure and a wide range of applications. It uses a heavy hammer to automatically tighten, because the heavy hammer is tightened by its own weight, so it can ensure that the tightening force remains constant under various working conditions, and can automatically compensate for the elongation of the tape. The gravity tensioning device is characterized by constant tension and variable tension displacement. It is suitable for fixed long-distance transport aircraft. The advantage is high safety and reliability. The disadvantage is that the tension cannot be adjusted, and the space requirement is large. It cannot be used in restricted places. The fixed winch tightening device uses a small winch to tighten. The winch generally uses a worm gear reducer to drive the reel to wrap around the entangled steel rope, thereby tightening the tape. This kind of tensioning device has the advantages of small size and large pulling force, so it is widely used in underground belt conveyors. The disadvantage is that it can only produce a fixed tension force after adjusting according to the required tension force. The tension force cannot be automatically adjusted. When problems arise in the winch and control system, it cannot produce a constant tension force or a constant tension force on the belt loading conveyor. The tensioning force is invalid, and the safety and reliability are relatively reduced. The automatic tensioning device can not only automatically adjust the tensioning force according to the traction of the active roller, but also compensate for the elongation of the tape. The automatic tensioning device is composed of a motor, a brake, a reducer, a steel wire rope drum, etc. It adopts a high tension tensioning device to tension the conveyor belt. At the same time, it is equipped with a tension sensor to measure the tension of the conveyor belt. In the range of operation, the automatic tensioning device moves quickly to adjust the tension of the conveyor belt to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. The automatic tensioning device is used in conjunction with the self-moving tail, which can realize the movement of the loading conveyor tail and the expansion and contraction of the conveyor belt under the premise of the conveyor without stopping, which greatly improves the conveying efficiency of the conveyor. The automatic winch tensioning device is automatically controlled by the pressure sensor according to the operating conditions of the belt loading conveyor. The hydraulic tensioning device is generated by the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic station to apply the tensioning force to the belt conveyor through the oil cylinder. The machine operating conditions need to adjust the size of the tensioning force.
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