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Introduction of belt telescopic conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-09
Many customers come in to ask about the telescopic conveyor, which is also a grain machine that our machinery mainly promotes. Then, about some of the characteristics and applicable industries of the telescopic loading conveyor, the machinery will now give you a brief introduction, hoping to help our customers. Telescopic conveyors are widely used in feed companies, rice companies, flour mills, food company starch plants, national grain reserves, etc. Different specifications can be customized according to user needs. The appearance of the whole machine is beautiful, and the quality of each part is high, which guarantees the overall quality of the whole machine. The conveying capacity is large, and the conveying bandwidth is 500/600mm. Belt telescopic conveyor The telescopic loading conveyor is a new type of telescopic loading conveyor, which can carry out the transportation, loading and unloading, palletizing, hoarding, entering and exiting warehouses of bulk grains, packaging and other small granular materials. It can be used inside and outside the warehouse. It has a telescopic frame, front and rear telescopic, with an extension distance of 9 meters and a total length of up to 22 meters, which can meet the transportation operations of different distances. In order to adapt to market demand, the types of grain machinery on the market are also increasing, and various functions have also met the requirements of customers. Only a specific understanding of grain machinery can be better purchased and used. Welcome customers to visit our machinery, and we look forward to cooperating with customers!
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