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Introduction of belt conveyor manufacturing process and design requirements

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-26

Introduction to the manufacturing process and design requirements of belt conveyors, this article cites Ningbo YiFan belt conveyor manufacturer. The main shaft of the belt conveyor can be divided into the following two types according to the load condition:

1) Spindle Only subject to bending moments, such as diverting belts

The shaft of the loading conveyor unit;
2) The rotating shaft bears bending moment and torque at the same time, such as the shaft of the transmission belt conveyor unit;

The material of the shaft

It is generally rolled or forged carbon steel or alloy steel, the usual material is medium carbon steel, No. 45 steel is the most commonly used,

For shafts with large force and limited size, as well as some special requirements, alloy steel can be used, and the material is 40 chrome

, according to the needs, the shaft generally needs to undergo heat treatment or surface strengthening treatment to improve its mechanical properties and wear resistance, etc.

Under high temperature, the difference between the elastic modulus of alloy steel and carbon steel is very small, so the use of alloy steel cannot improve the rigidity of the shaft; the material of the shaft is generally quenched and tempered. For the drive belt conveyor unit, when the shaft strength It can also be selected when the indicators do not meet the requirements

The combination is quenched and tempered, and checked according to the allowable stress of symmetrical cyclic bending;

The technical requirements for the design of the barrel skin are:

1) Barrel

Curling must follow the rolling direction of the steel plate;

2) The amount of misalignment at the joint is not more than 1 mm;

3) Belt conveyor bag

The longitudinal weld after glue must be inspected by ultrasonic or X-ray inspection:
①Ultrasonic inspection is carried out for 10%, and the weld reaches the standard

Class II in the standard;
②The radiographic flaw detection starts from one end to detect 20% of the total length, and the weld reaches the second level of the national standard.

Double the length, if the doubling is still unqualified, the full-length flaw detection shall be carried out until it meets the requirements;

4) Tube The roundness tolerance after wrapping should be

Not more than 0.5;

5)Material: Q235 steel, the yield strength is 235N/square meter; for medium-sized belt conveyor units and

For light-duty belt conveyor units, when the outer diameter of the hub is greater than 220mm, cast steel is used. For light-duty belt loading conveyor units, when the outer diameter of the hub is greater than 220mm

When the diameter is less than 220mm, the use of hot-rolled round steel shall comply with national standards; YiFan specializes in manufacturing belt conveyors and belt conveyors

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