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Instructions for safe operation of screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-04
When using a screw conveyor to transport materials, safety must be the first priority. Whether it is personal safety or equipment safety, you must have a clear understanding of the structure of the conveyor. Turn on the power switch first, turn on the power switch of each circuit and ensure The power is normal, the operation indicator does not light up if the equipment does not rotate, and the power indicator light of the inverter and other equipment is on. The relevant regulations must be observed during operation. The operator must not touch the moving parts of the conveyor, or touch the electrical components, control buttons, etc., When the conveyor is running, the inverter cannot be disconnected. If the conveyor is to be repaired, stop it first, and then cut off the main power supply after pressing the stop button.
A brief introduction of screw loading conveyor
The usual components of the screw conveyor are the screw conveyor body, the in and out device, and the driving device. It is mainly composed of the head section, the middle section and the tail section. The screw conveyor is divided from the angle of the displacement direction of the conveying material. The screw conveyor is divided into two types: horizontal screw conveyor and vertical screw conveyor. In general, the middle section of the screw conveyor is arranged in order of length in the final assembly at the factory, the long middle section is close to the head section, and the middle sections of the same length are next to each other. If there are special requirements, the arrangement order will be given when ordering . A thrust bearing is installed in the head section of the screw conveyor to bear the axial force, and a bearing supporting screw shaft is installed in the middle section and the tail section. In addition, a radial bearing that can move axially is installed in the tail section of the screw conveyor. Compensate the error of screw shaft length and adapt to temperature changes. The spiral surface of the screw conveyor has two forms: solid spiral (S manufacturing method) and belt spiral (D manufacturing method). The screw shafts are connected by flange to ensure the interchangeability of the connecting shafts and facilitate maintenance. The screw conveyor cover is a tile type and is clamped on the casing with a cover buckle. If the sealing performance needs to be improved, the user can add a waterproof canvas between the cover and the casing. The screw conveyor's feeding and discharging device has four types: feeding port, square discharging port, hand-pushing discharging port, and rack-type discharging port, which are welded on the body by the user at the site of use. When arranging the position of the inlet and outlet of the screw conveyor, care should be taken to ensure the distance from the inlet to the end, and at the same time to avoid the collision between the inlet and the oil cup of the suspension bearing, the connecting flange of the casing, and the base.
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