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Innovative mobile conveyor system

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-24
Mobile conveyors and screw conveyors are our common types of conveyors. While these old conveyors have not yet left the stage, new conveyors have emerged. Compared with common conveyors, these new conveyors have What are the new features and special features? Here are some new conveyor types. Perhaps in the near future, these new conveyors will replace traditional conveyors and become the main force in the conveyor market! Let's take a look at these new products together! 1. Tubular Mobile Tubular conveyor overcomes some of the problems often encountered by traditional conveyors, such as material overflow, belt position correction, inclination angle limitation, flat turning and multiple conveying tracks. Similar to the traditional trough conveyor, the tube conveyor also loads materials at its tail. The open belt is formed into a tube through a series of excessive rollers to ensure the long-distance transportation of the conveyor. When the unloading roller and conveyor belt are opened again, the materials are discharged in the normal way. When the material is transported by the tube conveyor, the main part of the transportation process is that the material is completely enclosed by the loading conveyor belt. The advantage of this is that it can reduce environmental pollution, protect products from external pollution and theft, and can realize reverse transportation of materials. In the transportation process with turning, the tube-shaped transportation can realize flat turning and vertical transportation. Therefore, the single tube conveyor can replace many traditional belt conveyors. This reduces the need for transfer points and drives, product deterioration, and the replacement of expensive chute liners. 2. Manutube dust-free mobile conveyor Manutube is a dust-free conveyor technology, which consists of a fully enclosed belt conveyor. And transport materials through plastic pipes. The conveyor belt slides in the tube without rollers to form a natural air flow to take away the dust. This kind of dustproof technology can make the dust less than 1mg per cubic meter of air. Ensure the cleanliness of the work area and increase the service life of the equipment. Mnautube has different forms: the conveyor belt with the protection of the grid returns to the open/closed type, and the return sleeve type with the dust removal and recovery system. It is especially suitable for materials that have powder or dust during use. The conveying capacity is different, and the conveying speed of 10?-3000?m-~/h can be achieved. The main functions include: no wear to the product; no pollution to the environment when transferring dangerous materials; prevention of explosions by controlling dust, humidity and oxygen; suitable for conveying corrosive and fragile materials, such as fertilizers and salt And other materials. This equipment can realize the conveyance with a tilt angle of up to 600. Because it is composed of plastic pipes without rollers, the equipment is lighter in weight. The span of free support can reach 50n. And there is no need to set up a trestle. 3. The trough conveyor belt of land mobile conveyor is widely used in the continuous transportation of bulk materials. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. It has a huge increase in length. At the same time, the specific energy loss is reduced due to the installation of electric and capacitive equipment . Its main disadvantage is the limited capacity of vertical and flat turning conveying, which reduces its conveying capacity and limits the increase in belt tension. Land conveyors are mainly used in the mining industry, requiring loading conveyor belts to achieve long-distance transportation without intermediate drives. The length of each part of the conveyor belt is limited by economic reasons. For example, to save costs, the transfer point is high-pressure belts with additional costs. instead. The conveying force of the conveyor belt installed in the mining industry can reach 40,000 t/h, but the long-distance conveying is usually limited to 25,000 t/h. In the mining industry, it is equivalent to 2 or 3 times the grain density. The development of conveyor belt fixing technology makes it possible to use high-tension, high-power belt conveyors. A deeper understanding of the movement mechanism and loading system of belt conveyors allows us to design faster belt conveyors. For example, the speed of existing land conveyors has reached 8.5m/s. These new conveyors have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to compare their product performance. The key is to see our choices and needs.
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