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Improvement of the hydraulic control system of the tension device of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-13
The chain feeder is an auxiliary equipment in the mechanized storage and transportation system of lime production enterprises. Its main function is to continuously and uniformly feed the processed or unprocessed materials from a certain equipment to the receiving equipment or transportation machinery. Zhonggo mesh belt conveyor transportation machinery can not only complete the transportation of bulk materials, but also transport finished materials, but depending on the place of use, working environment, and the types of materials to be conveyed, there will be greater design and application. The difference chain conveyor is a transmission device with a standard chain plate as the bearing surface and a motor reducer as a power transmission device. Chain conveyor is composed of power unit, drive shaft, roller, tensioning device, sprocket, chain, bearing, lubricant, chain plate, etc.) The effective combination of assembly line man and machine fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment, It organically combines the conveying system, accompanying fixtures, on-line special machines, and testing equipment to meet the assembly requirements of a variety of products. The basic working principle of the tunnel drying oven: under the monitoring of the computer system, the bottles are transported by the conveyor belt into the preheating zone, high temperature sterilization zone and low temperature cooling zone of the tunnel sterilization oven. The conveyor belt speed is steplessly adjustable, and the temperature monitoring system is set to have no paper or paper records. The whole process is always under the protection of one hundred levels of laminar flow. The double-speed chain assembly line is usually called: Because the platform of the machine to transport goods needs to be used repeatedly, it is rarely used alone. Instead, it is used with various special machines such as jacking translation machine, jacking indexing machine, etc. to form a horizontal or vertical cycle system. It is widely used in food, water and electricity, chemical industry, transportation and other sectors. It has the advantages of long conveying distance, large volume, continuous transportation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, strong versatility, reliable operation, etc., and it is easy to realize centralized automatic control. The tensioning device is the key component of the belt conveyor. When the conveyor starts, it has a certain tension at the separation point of the idler to prevent the belt from slipping and even belt friction and fire, thus ensuring the normal start of the conveyor; when the machine is running, the belt tension is small to prevent the belt from overhanging and causing friction Increased resistance, belt deviation, slip, impact roller and other unstable factors ensure the normal operation of the belt. belt; when the mechanism moves, it prevents the belt from slipping and brakes reliably. When inspecting the conveyor belt, replace the belt and roll up the belt to provide the necessary stroke for the belt joint. 1. Tensioner hydraulic system and working principle The hydraulic system of the loading conveyor tensioning device is given. The tensioning device of the conveyor here includes a tensioning winch 22 driven by a quantitative hydraulic motor 21 and a pulley 26 driven by a tensioning hydraulic cylinder 27. When the tensioning device is running, the hydraulic motor drives the winch for initial tensioning. After the initial tension is completed, the solenoid valve is placed in the middle position of 18, and the hydraulic motor is locked. The solenoid valve is at position 17, and the tensioning cylinder dynamically adjusts the tensioning force through the proportional relief valve 6. The accumulator 29 is used as an auxiliary power source to absorb pressure shocks. As shown in the figure, there are three variable pumps 1, 2, and 3 in the system. Pump 1 is a tensioning hydraulic cylinder 27 for supplying oil, pump 3 is for supplying oil by a hydraulic motor 21, and pump 2 is a backup hydraulic source. When the No. 1 pump fails, the outlet pressure is lower than the set value of the 16 pressure relay. The action of the pressure relay causes the power of No. 1 pump to be cut off (cut open; cut off), solenoid valve 10 is closed, solenoid valve 11 is opened, and the pump 2 motor is driven; when No. 3 pump fails, the exit pressure is lower than the setting. Fixed-value pressure relay 15. The action of the pressure relay causes the motor of pump 3 to be cut off, the solenoid valve 13 is closed, the solenoid valve 12 is opened, and the motor of pump 2 is energized. This ensures that the tensioning device can work safely and reliably. 1/3. Variable pump; 4. Fine filter (function: filter impurities, etc.); 5. Coarse filter; 6. Proportional safety valve (function: control pressure does not exceed the specified value); 7. Pilot safety valve; 8. One-way valve; 9/13. Two-position two-way solenoid valve; 14. Safety valve; 15, 16. Pressure relay; 17, 18. Three-position four-way solenoid valve; 19, 20. Hydraulic control one-way valve; 21. Hydraulic motor tensioning winch to stretch the car; tram track; 25. waist belt; 26. Pulley block; tensioning hydraulic cylinder pressure sensor; Gakulato hydraulic system diagram Proportional relief valve 6 and pilot relief valve 7 form a two-stage pressure regulation loop. The proportional relief valve is used for remote pressure regulation to control the pilot relief The main valve of the flow valve is overflowing. In the event of a fault such as overcurrent, the pilot safety valve 7 can also double as a safety valve of the system.
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