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Improvement of Parallel Roller and Driving Wheel of Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-11
The parallel rollers and driving rollers used in the belt conveyor are directly in contact with the material, causing surface corrosion and belt conveyor slippage. For this reason, the following measures have been taken.  1. Improvement of parallel rollers   The commonly used steel rollers have shafts, bearings, and bearing plates installed inside the steel pipe. Both ends of the shaft extend out of the steel pipe and are supported on the belt frame by the lugs. The belt rolls on the steel pipe. This type of roller has a large surface area, and the material is easy to adhere to it, and the thicker it rolls. And the steel pipe wall is very thin, not resistant to corrosion and abrasion.   Reducing the surface area of u200bu200bthe roller and choosing corrosion-resistant materials are the keys to reforming the roller. For this purpose, several small rings made of δu003d10mm stainless steel plates can be used to slide into the shaft, and they can be fixed with a stopper and a stopper pin. To replace the roller body (see Figure 1). Figure 1    The number of rings can be determined by the width of the belt loading conveyor; the stopper, stopper screw and shaft can be made of carbon steel with a layer of epoxy anticorrosive paint. The reformed roller has a good use effect, eliminates the problem of thickening of the sticky material, and is easy to repair and replace, and is durable. 2. Improvement of the driving wheel Figure 2     Figure 2 is the driving wheel before the transformation. The cylinder part is made of steel plate. The surface area is large. The material is easy to stick and become thick. It is quite difficult to clean. And because the surface is smooth, the friction between the belt and the belt is small. , Easy to slip. Reducing the surface area of u200bu200bthe driving wheel and increasing the friction is the key to transforming the driving wheel. For this reason, the use of several round steel instead of the cylinder can effectively improve the surface roughness and increase the friction; due to the reduced surface area, it is not easy to adhere to materials . At the same time, two spiral blades are installed inside the drum, and the incoming materials are discharged from the cover holes at both ends, as shown in Figure 3. After connecting the three supporting plates with the shafts with keys, install the inner spiral piece and spot weld on the supporting plate with electric welding. Finally, weld round steel on the outer edge of the supporting plate, and then install the bearing seat to use. Figure 3   After the improvement, the belt conveyor is in good condition, and the output rate and conveying rate of the loading conveyor have been improved.
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